Senior Homes vs. Home Care

By: Steve Roach

The concept of senior homes has changed a lot since the past few decades. Earlier, people used to think that senior homes were little more than civilian prisons and it was a social stigma for a family to say that an elderly relative was living in a senior home. Due to this, there were some options to the senior home, and they had their advantages and disadvantages. Home care was, and is one of the many options that people have to senior homes. Here is a brief comparison between home care and senior homes.

People who opt for senior care for their elder relatives would definitely need someone who is in the house either round the clock for a major chunk of their day. This individual should be able to take care of the elderly in every way, right from ensuring that they go about their daily activities, to keeping a tab on their medical conditions and keeping an eye on whether they have taken their medicines. Finding such a person in the family, even extended family might be a bit difficult, and even if found, it is not necessary that the person would be inclined to taking care of an elderly either for long periods of time or even for a short while.

Secondly, home care also has a great effect on everyday life of the family. After a while, every occasion and activity in the house will revolve around whether the elderly will be able to take part in it, or will like it. Keeping in mind the fact that people are bound to get a bit irritable as they grow, and might not react nicely to a happy occasion where everyone else seems to be enjoying, home care becomes more difficult than one perceives it to be.

In comparison, senior homes seem to be a very comfortable option. They have medical facilities, and the seniors are under constant medical surveillance. In addition, there is an army of helpers and caregivers, who ensure that the seniors live a comfortable life and do not face any hassles in their day-to-day life. Some senior homes may be a bit expensive, but they offer a complete car package for the senior.

In some cases, the senior homes might come across as an invasion of privacy, and elders might not like the idea of living in a community of elders, under constant surveillance, medical or otherwise. It is a misconception that once an elderly person shifts to a senior home, they will not be able to meet their relatives and loved ones. Senior homes have visiting hours that sometimes go on for a couple of hours. Some senior homes also allow younger relatives to stay with the seniors for extended periods, so they do not feel left out, and have someone or the other from their previous life to speak to and spend time with.

These are some of the comparing points between a senior home and home care. If you have an elderly relative and are yet to decide, consider these points before taking any decision.

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