Selling Privately Vs Trading-in: How to Better Your Car Buying Experience?

By: Adam Porter

If you have decided to tell goodbye to your old car, there are usually two options ahead. One option is to sell off your used car for a good price. Alternatively, you can trade-in your old car at a dealership and avoid making a hefty down payment for the new vehicle. Often people get baffled during the moment of decision between private selling and trading-in the old automobile. There are numerous factors that decide the outcome. The following key elements, posed as questions, will help you further ponder on what you can make of your used car.

Which Pivotal Questions can help you make a Car Selling Decision?

1) What type of a Car do you own?

Possessing a high-end or low-end car can be a significant factor in deciding if you should sell your car or opt for trade-in. For instance, if you own a Honda Civic or a Ford F-Series, it would be a good idea to sell your vehicle. Low-end and affordable cars make for great trade-ins. A high-in-demand and industry relevant car pays off in the long term as there are enough buyers willing to purchase it. However, it is advisable to compare the selling price of your car with online portals such as Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds before you make a decision.

2) What is the Financial Status of your Car?

A complicated scenario can arise out of selling a car that isnít completely paid off. The title and registration formalities of the car are prerequisites while selling a used car. Another reason why selling is difficult is that the new buyer will not get an auto loan on a partially paid car easily. Therefore, if you still have to make payments on your car, it is a wise move to trade-in your automobile. Dealers are less fussy as they can roll your current auto financing plan into a new one by keeping in mind the trade-in value.

3) Which option gives Higher Returns?

A dealership that helps you to trade-in your vehicle provides lesser returns as compared to selling your old car. The primary reason for lower returns on trading-in automobiles is that a dealer puts in concentrated effort for preparing the vehicle for sale, handling paperwork on behalf of the owner and arranging car auctions. Privately selling a car will generate higher returns as you are in a good position to negotiate a higher price.

Get rid of the Old to welcome the New Car

Choosing how to part ways from your vehicle is always a difficult choice. However, when it comes to trading-in or privately selling your car, the above questions will seek to throw light on your decision. Also, they will sort the complexities of buying a car and auto financing. So, next time you want to sell your old car, take a long hard look at the condition of your car and then make a decision.

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