Self Help is Helping Yourself

By: Ina Hikmatullah

People who are looking for self help, almost by definition are not happy with their position in life. These people may not be happy with their relationships, their self image, and more often than anything else, their career path.
Successful people all have certain characteristics that make them successful. Before we go any further, lets differentiate between success and money. Money is a by-product of success, but it can also be something that the lucky few of the world are born into with no effort at all. If you look at the motivators of many successful people, whose accomplishments resulted in fantastic wealth, youll find that their focus was not entirely on what they could earn, but on realizing their own potential.
Money is one thing, a very good thing, in fact, but real success, recognizing the need for self help and changing for the better, is something that relatively fewer people have actually tasted.
While we dont usually see these good habits, everybody who is doing what they want to in life has them. These are what we want to emulate and focus on. Focusing on the material goods and social advantages of being successful too early on will just depress and us and prevent us from advancing.This is not helpful.
Remember, the ultimate goal of participating in a self-help program is feeling good about who you are. Why would you ever want to think of yourself as someone who cant achieve his or her own goals? You see, this basic, first idea that you have to accept is actually the most important.
Good goal setting ability ties directly in with the last point. You have to believe that you can achieve your goals, but if you cant even effectively state what your goals are, you probably arent going to end up anywhere close to them.
Well, when you set goals, what you really are doing is defining your own terms for being successful, not according to anyone elses rules. When you accomplish these goals, you can think to yourself, I am one step closer to success. This will keep you motivated and in fact, is the most powerful motivator. Every little thing you do that is a stepping stone to your success is something to feel good about.
If you do this, you basically are giving yourself a visualized goal. You can now use this goal as a way to draw a blueprint for your own success. Once you have your ideal self figured out, you can think of how they got to where they are. And then you just copy their path to success, and you will succeed.
This type of strategic visioning in the self help field is nothing new, and it can be very powerful. So if you want to change, all you have to do is believe its possible, and then set your goals.

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