Self Defense For Women

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SELF DEFENSE- Just A Thought...
If not only for piece of mind, self defense is also very beneficial for gaining a positive mindset in every day life. Not to mention increasing hand-eye co-ordination and an understanding of body mechanics. Understanding how we move, and when and why we move is an interesting and vital part of the martial arts and the situations they portray through their techniques and philosophies.
Obviously as far as situations are concerned, the best way to deal with them is simply to avoid them.
But this unfortunately isn't always possible. And how can we enjoy social situations if we are constantly looking over our shoulders. Its sad that the possibility of an unpleasant or negative encounter sticks in the back of some or all of our minds, yet is almost excepted as a part of everyday life or modern society. Still without this there would be no real need for the martial arts I love except for recreation.
The bad things, horrible as they are, can be the thought that sparks an interest in self defense or martial arts from which people find and develop a joy for what they do, like I did. And after time it becomes less about the possible need for these techniques and more about the techniques them selfs and the eye openings they present.
While popping out for a jog is fine in a fitness sense, isn't it nice to have a past time that stimulates the mind through developing a knowledge that could one day earn its worth?
I feel everyone at sometime or another everyone should visit one of these self defense or martial arts classes, or perhaps even find the time to read one of these books.
You never know, you might develop an interest you never knew you had.

The Lines of Balance
Not a Self-Defence technique as such, more of a simple observation. When a lot of Martial Arts and Self-Defence coaches teach this, they usually refer to your ‘centre of gravity’. I personally prefer to break it down by using the ‘Lines of Balance’. There are two Lines of Balance:
1. The horizontal line
2. The vertical line.
As we know, a standing human only has a ‘Two Point Base’, (his or her two feet). This means that while standing, we lack three dimensional stability, so to speak, which if exploited in a sense is ‘flawed’. This is where the ‘Lines of Balance’ come in.

The first Line is the Horizontal Line. This line runs between the two feet of our opponent. Simply visualise a line from one foot to the other, joining them together. If the feet move, then the line moves. Standing in front or behind the horizontal line and applying pressure, for example a push, you will easily knock someone off balance regardless of their size. The only way for your opponent to regain their balance is to adjust their base by moving their feet, in which case the line moves, so you move.

The second Line of Balance is the Vertical Line. This line runs from head to toe. Looking side on at another person, the line will run from their head through their shoulders, hips, knees ending at the ankles. If any of the upper points move backwards past the ankles, the toes will rise off the floor and the stable base is lost. Again, the ‘Two Point Base’ (the feet), must be adjusted in order for your opponent to regain stability.

Note: An attacker off balance is 9 times out of 10 not attacking, (unless in a clinch), because we need a solid base to generate power for strikes. The Lines of Balance is not the only way, but I feel an effective way of looking at an oncoming opponent and it could easily be a simple tip to build from.

SELF-DEFENCE FOR WOMEN - Its better to have and not need than to need and not have. You dont have to know everything, you just need to remember something. Knowing one move is one move more than you had and maybe, the right thing you need at the right time you need it. Is it safe to know nothing? "Knowledge is Power".
For example; When I was training in submission fighting at a well known gym in Manchester UK, I could happily hold my own with the men, even guys bigger than me. But there was one woman who, despite giving away strength and size to me, could beat me at will. In truth I never stood a chance. Simply because she had better technique and a higher skill level. Even though I lost I always smiled, because I knew by watching her that weaker framed people (such as myself), could gain an advantage, simply by knowing more than your opposition. No matter how we dress it up, an advantage is an advantage, and an awareness and understanding could be your savior.

I'm not suggesting this book will transform you into a fighter, but it can only improve your confidence and make some of the things that happen around you seem a little bit clearer.

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Self Defence For Woman Please post your comments regarding this article and the E-book attached. Feedback is very important to me as opinion counts for everything. This is a subject I feel very passionate about, and after dedicating a large part of my life to it, hope to share the positivity passed on to me. Thanks. Jester. A former Ju-Jitsu instructor with over ten years experience. Trained for several years in MMA.

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