Self-Defense For Modern Times

By: Ingo Weigel

“Self-Defense For Modern Times” is an introduction to the realistic self-defense system of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Wing Tsun Kung Fu (or Wing Chun) deals with the much neglected type of combat that occurs everywhere thousands of times each year. It usually ends with many serious injuries. In this form of close combat, the typical martial artist almost always comes off second-best against the unscrupulous street thug. Weigel explains what makes the Wing Tsun system different and why more and more people rely on the skills and techniques from Wing Tsun.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu uses a highly sophisticated approach to close combat and realistic self-defense that is based on physics and body mechanics. Only this approach allows a “physically weaker” person to defend a much stronger and taller opponent.

Unlike other martial arts, to be successful at Wing Tsun does not require extensive training or a great deal of strength and size. The philosophy behind Wing Tsun is to “borrow” the force of the attacker and by using one’s natural reflexes, defend themselves no matter what position they are in. Created by a Chinese nun over 300 years ago, this form of self-defense continues to be the most “female-friendly” of all martial arts as there is less emphasis on generating one’s own force and more on redirecting the attacker’s force to use it against them. Today Wing Tsun is the most effective self-defense system because of its simple and direct techniques and the scientific principles that are its foundation. According to one of Ingo Weigel’s students, “Wing Tsun offers women a toolbox of simple techniques that work against their opponent. No acrobatics are necessary.”

Wing Tsun Kung Fu was designed by a woman for women teaches new and effective techniques that rely on one’s reflexes, not muscle strength, to defend against any one, any size.

In Wing Tsun you are taught to use your natural reflexes and the power of your opponent against him. You're not relying on any sort of weapon or strength or force. Instead, you'll train your reflexes to react quickly in any given situation. A reaction started through reflexes is always quicker than one started through visual contact. Most common martial arts are unrealistic because the techniques taught in those classes rely on muscle power and a very good timing of the movements. Both require many years of training, and even then there is no guarantee that when it's needed, it will really work.

Wing Tsun also teaches very unique movements that have a tremendous impact on a very deep level of one’s body and it’s ability to function and move. Through the constant training of these movements one can improve their health and regain their youthful ability to perform everyday chores. This is a huge benefit for everyone who has past their thirties and forties and has no plans on slowing down their lifestyle.

Through its realistic approach in training practitioners experience a huge increase in their self confidence and a much more fulfilled lifestyle. They are able to break down certain barriers that someone without Wing Tsun training would put up. This increase in self confidence can lead to the accomplishment of all personal and professional goals.

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Ingo Weigel, a Chicago-based martial arts expert has dedicated his life to teaching the newly popular art of Wing Tsun, a self-defense discipline that is simple and effective for anyone, no matter what their size or strength.

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