Selecting Niche Keyword for Bum Marketing Technique

By: Nick Mutt

Bum Marketing has become a popular term among affiliate marketers. It is very easy and cost free promotion method for affiliate products. But all your efforts will be fruitless if you have not selected the right niche keyword. Selecting the right niche keyword is one of the most difficult tasks for most Bum Marketers. The keyword should be profitable but doesn’t have a ton of competition.

One of the main reasons behind the failure of the bum marketers in selecting the niche keyword is the lack of understanding for this term. They are not exactly sure what a niche is. Before going in depth about niche marketing I would like to make you familiar with the potential of the niche marketing. There are many keywords that don’t have much competition but have good traffic and targeted visitors. This market is comparatively easy to catch.

In other words we can say a niche market is addressing a need for a product or service that is not being addressed by mainstream providers. A niche market may be thought of as a narrowly defined group of potential customers.

Let’s take an easy example. The term ‘exercise’ is not a niche but the term ‘lower back exercises’ could be a niche. But is it profitable? You bet, but it also had a modest amount of competition.

The goal of the Bum Marketing is to find a niche where there isn’t a lot of competition, but there are enough buyers to make it profitable. If there are lot of competitors around, it will be very difficult for your product page to come up in the search result. But on the other hand, if there aren’t enough people actively searching for a product similar to the one you’re promoting, as a result you’re not going to make many sales and earn much in the way of income. So you need to make a proper balance of the two.

So where do you find a niche that has enough buyers but not enough sellers?

Go to the free version of Wordtracker keyword tool and look up the main keyword of the niche that you want to tackle, say ‘music’ and then take a look at all the related keywords to that niche. Ultimately, what you're going to find is that as you go down the list, there are going to be keywords like ‘children's music’ that don't have a lot of daily searches but also don't have a lot of competition. How do you find this out? That is the next step.

The next step is to go to Google and look up the keyword phrase that you've found to see how many competing sites there are. If you find that there are less than 50,000 competing sites for that keyword phrase, then you have most likely found a niche that you can crack.

You can also find a niche keyword from – one of the popular article directories. Look the most viewed articles and you will get an idea what people are interested to read. Then follow the same procedure discussed above to confirm that the selected topic is the niche topic.

Some other places you may get ideas of niche keywords include online forums, television, newspapers, advertisements, conversations, wanted ads and so on. All in all, simply keep your eyes and ears open and a pen and paper handy, and you’ll come across more niches than you could ever utilize.

Bum marketing is a free promotion method commonly used for promoting affiliate products (clickbank, commission junction, linkshare etc.) or websites made for adsense. You can also use this method as per your need. So let’s know what this Bum marketing is all about.

In bum marketing, you select a niche product and make a product page with the affiliate link of the product. Also prepare a list of niche phrases related to the product to write articles on them. Then submit these articles to the major article directories with the link of the product page. This will make your product page being seen by targeted buyers and result in the product sale which in turn will make money for you.

Let’s discuss about how to write articles for promoting products through bum marketing method. Take a keyword phrase. Use it on the title as well as the body of the article. In bum marketing you do not have to worry a lot about the content of the article as long as the content contains decent and error-free information. Concentrate on the number of articles you make per day rather than worrying about the quality of the content. What you need is to put some work into your author bio box.

The whole goal of writing articles in bum marketing is to get people to click on the link(s) contained in your author resource box to send your article reader to the product page. There could be the purchase of a product, an opt-in signup or even the click of an adsense ad. If the resource box isn’t compelling enough to get them to click, then your articles will be of no use and all your efforts will fruitless.

The very first thing you should keep in mind is to include your name and second a link to your website and/or the product or service you are trying to promote. It is not a good idea to put more than two links in your resource box as it presents too many options to readers and may result in inaction.

In addition, you need to come up with a few lines briefly describing your offer and in what manner it is special. You must also give a convincing and powerful incentive to the reader to act on what he has read. The elevator pitch is the first step to persuasion. Second is the call to action, the place where you invite the reader to follow your link. It may read something like these:

Order now
Get special access to
Click here to receive
Join now etc.

Placing you name will not only make you popular on the web but also build your reputation and brand image. Without a well written and authoritative author resource, all of your article marketing efforts may go to waste. So be sure to take the time to create a good author resource box.

For more advanced strategies and techniques on how to create an author resource box that sells and get your links clicked, be sure to grab a copy of this Advanced Bum Marketing Tactics & Techniques Report.

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