Select the Best Hair Styling Product as Per Your Hair Type

By: Edward Beale

If you have visited different hair salon for hair cutting, then you might have noticed that every barber has its own unique style of cutting hair. There are some who offer you bad experience but there are few who have offered you the desirable look, and you tend to stick to them for long time. As same as hair cutting, there are numerous hair styling products out there, but it is not necessary that everything works best for your hair. It is very crucial that you select the right product, otherwise it can hamper your hair follicles. Here we are sharing some points which can help you to select the best of product for yourself.

1. What's Your type

You must know your type. It is like the fact that before selecting the suit for some occasion, you consider all the facts, like color, fabric, the design and other important things. In the same way, you do not want to buy a wrong shampoo for your hair as well. As the wrong shampoo, can damage your hair. For an instance, consider the effect of strong hair wax on thin hair follicles, it develops unnecessary pressure on the hair, it will weigh them down and can positively damage them as well. There are 3 different hair types which are more common which include, thick hair, straight hair with fine hair follicles and wavy or curly hair. Identify your hair type.

2. Products for styling

As soon as you know your hair type, the next step also holds a lot of importance, in which you should understand that which hair product is most suited for your hair type. Donít get excited with the number of products and the fancy terms the firms used to sell their product. Here are the important things that everyone should consider while buying a hair product, we have done the most part for you.

Hair Gel

This hair product is generally translucent in color and is generally quite weak when it comes to hair holding in one place. It generally creates a harden outlook and leaves a shiny and wet look which is best for the formal events and dress up events. It is suggested that people should use alcohol free gel to avoid getting feeling of flake on your scalp.
How to Apply hair gel: Utilize it on slightly damp hair, put the gel on your hand first and then like an oil work it on your hand first and then simply glide it on your hair the way you want to style your hair. Them allow your hair to dry first and then do the remaining part of maintaining the desired look.

Best for which type of hair: Thick Hair and people with short and medium hair.

Hair Pomade

It is generally get confused with hair wax, which is not true. This hair product is actually a soft semi-solid substance which can provide youíre a light to high shine look on your hair based on the factor what you really want for your hair. It is very much appreciated as it offers a natural wet look as its after effect. It is suggested to use pomade instead of gel if you desire more ruffled look but with wet and neat appearance.

How to apply hair pomade: take small amount and rub it on your palm and then work it around your hair for desired look.

Best For which hair type: Curly hair or thin hair. Avoid if you have oily hair.

Hair Wax

It is the most popular hair styling product. It creates a messy and matt look which is best for styling. It offers the strongest hold among the mentioned product and develops a dry matt look which appears natural and hold for long time. If you have oily hair, hair wax is the right product for you, as this is going to give you the strong hold for your hair and helps you to avoid that oily look.

How to apply Hair wax: Whether you are just out of shower or have dry hair, you can apply hair wax. Put small amount and rub on your palm and use it around hair for desired look.

Best for Which Hair Type: Thick to medium hair and all lengths.
So, you have understood about your hair type and know which one is best for your hair type. What are you waiting for them, visit the Edward beale website and get access to various hair styling product at different price range of best quality products.

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