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By: Stanley DeGeorgio

In recent times, email marketing has gained prominence as a promotional tool. It is a method of promoting a product, service or brand message amongst prospective and current customers via emails. However, nowadays, as every company is resorting to email marketing, the recipients of these emails often end up becoming frustrated on receiving countless number of mails each day.

There are also many customers who do not even bother to open the mail and read the offering. As a result, all your efforts directed towards email marketing may turn out to be futile. To avoid it, you need to hire the services of a professional who can offer you the best email marketing solution.

An effective email marketing solution covers all the areas pertaining to promotion via emails with the sole objective of making the whole campaign a success. Some of the aspects that are covered under email marketing solutions are the following:

Setting the Objective: A firm specialized in email marketing will first ask you to set up your objectives of the campaign. This is the most important step as there can be many objectives of an email marketing campaign and a different strategy will be required to achieve each one of them. For instance, promoting existing products amongst prospective customers would require a different strategy as compared to the objective of promoting a new product amongst existing customer base.

Targeting Customers: A proper segmentation followed by collection of the clients' contact information and personal details (in case of existing customers) can go a long way in targeting the right customer segment. This will help you design a more relevant email marketing campaign.

Formating of the emails: A professional firm will help you to choose the most successful format for emails. An appropriate format can go a long way in deciding the success of the whole campaign.

Designing of the emails: An email that includes relevant images, clear calls to action, well written copy, attractive design and above all, a strong subject line always have a higher open rate. A properly structured email is one of the prime responsibilities of a firm offering an email marketing solution.

Dealing With Responses: An expert advice on deciding the right size of a response team is very essential to ensure that every client response is handled in a proper manner.

Measuring the Response Rate: An effective email marketing solution also makes arrangements for a mechanism that can measure the open rate, click through rate and percentage of non-responders of the campaign. This will not only help in developing appropriate strategies for the currently undertaken email marketing, but also plan for such campaigns in future.

Amplified Media offers a complete email marketing solution to help your business gain a considerable share in the market. They also offer SEO services to improve your company's search engine rankings. Recently, they have started offering their clients web based social networking, a new technique of business promotion.

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