Secrets To A More Beautiful You

By: Iri McPhee

What makes you, you? Your appearance is one important part of who you are. How you appear indicates how healthy you are, how well you take care of yourself, and in essence, how much you care about yourself. Making sure you look your best can effect how others perceive you and can help you to feel more put together on the inside.

Of course, appearance only goes so far. However, the length that it does go is an important part of others perception of you, of your esteem within yourself, and ultimately, of living well. Humans are extremely complex creatures and we are made of more than one component. Clearly, we are more than our outward appearance. We are not only physical, but also emotional, sexual, spiritual and intellectual beings. Each component requires attention and nurturing which leads to growth. Each affects the other and the goal is to keep them balanced. Picture each component as a point in a five-pointed star.

While paying special attention to your outward appearance may not directly or immediately affect your spirituality or emotions, it will contribute to your overall sense of well being. Most people feel more confident when they look their best.

Taking care of the details of your appearance can serve as health and aesthetic purposes, as well as a part of your positive inward sense of self. Taking care of yourself requires sustaining your good health habits, preventing problems, and learning how to solve or manage problems if they arise.

When you meet, greet or look at someone, what do you see first? This may depend on your gender, but generally, you will look at a persons face and if you are a hand-shaker, you will notice their hands. This means you will immediately notice their hair, skin and possibly fingernails. Most peoples, hair, skin and fingernails are exposed to the outside world. Keeping this in mind, look at your hair, skin and nails. Do you like what you see? Have you been taking care of them in the best ways possible? Do you know how to take care of them or are they parts of yourself that you do not give much attention.

A persons hair is often their best physical asset, or their finest beauty feature. For some people, their hair is the part of their appearance they take the most pride in and have the most control over. They are blessed with lovely, wavy thick brown hair or curly red hair that serves as a halo around their face. Others have attractive straight, shiny blond hair that does whatever they would like it to do.

Some people have a knack for taking care of and styling their hair in simple ways that make it look they've stepped from a beauty salon. Others have hair that they do not have to do anything with to make it look sensational. For others, their hair is merely an annoyance and a constant battle. Maybe your head is adorned with a head full of curls that straight-haired people envy.

However, to you, your curls never do what you think they should and you wish you could have been born with straight or wavy hair. Maybe your hair is fine or thin and you long for thicker hair. You might have thick hair, with lots of body. Fine, thin haired people would like to trade hair follicles with you. However, you consider it a mop on top of your head that makes your head feel like a bowling ball.
You may love your hairs colour, or throughout the years you have experimented with products to make it, any colour than what it was originally. Either way, your hair is one of the most versatile and unique parts of your body.

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