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By: Mel Joelle

There are thousands of companies that offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. Many companies offer conflicting advice on what makes SEO successful. It is be best to pay attention to what Google says. Google provides guidelines that can assist you in creating a successful SEO campaign. Below you will find a few essentials:

Content development

Content is one of the most important aspects of successful SEO. Your website should be regularly updated with content that is relevant, fresh and concise. Make sure the content is informative. Think like a potential consumer. If you were in search or your product or service, what would you like to know? If you neglect to constantly add significant content to your site, this could affect your ranking on search engine results pages.

Keyword Research

Know which keywords are best and have the most relevance for your niche market. In deciding on the keywords that are most appropriate for your business, always consider the user. What keywords would a user potentially use if they were searching for your product or service? There are several variations and combinations of phrases used in searches. Extensive research is necessary to find the keywords that are most suitable for your business. Determining your keywords will aid in structuring your SEO campaign.

On-site SEO

Exceptional on-site optimization allows for Google spiders to efficiently crawl your site to collect data that can help with your ranking in search engine results. The three most important aspects of on-site optimization are design, content and navigation. Make sure that your page title and meta description are relevant to each page on your site. It is recommended that you build your website using a content management system such as WordPress. These systems have dynamic sitemaps that send a notification to the search engines every time the content on your page is updated.


Avoid tricks to improve search engine rankings. Google has a sophisticated algorithm that can detect these tricks. Always consider the user first. If your website is made for the user and not for the search engines you will have a better chance at obtaining the rankings in search engine results that you desire. Do not create a website that deceives users by presenting different content than intended. This is counterproductive and hardly ever leads to sales.

Selecting an SEO Company

Follow these guidelines when choosing an SEO company;

* Live Results / Deep Results – when you are interviewing an Internet Marketing Company, you must see live and “deep” results for existing clients. Live results is simply going to Google, entering a keyword provided by the company and verifying first page results for one of their clients. Verify that the client is actually a client usually by seeing the Internet Marketing Company’s name in the footer on the home page. Deep Results is the high ranking for many keywords for the same client … and … the keywords are at least moderately competitive (more than 250,000 competing pages). Then get the same quality results for other clients and verify them live right in front of you from Google searches.
* Existing Client Interviews – you must actually interview 1-3 clients, not only to verify the results, but to gauge the ranking the client gives to the SEM. What are your experiences with the SEM? How are they to work and collaborate with? Are you planning on renewing their services? Have you recommended their services before? What improvements would you like to see from the SEM? Don’t ask yes or no questions. You won’t get the information you need. Ask questions that require thought and listen, not only to what they say, but also how they say it.
* Pricing – you need to know the pricing but not with the main objective of selecting the lowest number. You need to know the numbers but you also need to know the following;
o What does the price include? What does it not include?
o Are there any guarantees? If there are guarantees, be very skeptical.
o Are all fees paid regardless of performance or are fees, at least to some extent, contingent upon performance?

Successful SEO takes skill and time. There is no need to be overwhelmed; the experts at Optimum7 are here to assist you, contact us today!

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