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By: Helen Hunt

Records are known to be important documents that are stored by certain departments for future use. Even up to death, a number of information is gathered in order to make a certain record. These are then what we call as Death Records. These are records that serve as an official document which reveals information about a certain individual such as the complete name, date of birth, occupation, and marital status. They also contain the date, time, place and cause of such death.
Who can have access to these death records? Well, Public Death Records are absolutely open to the public. Anyone can just start his search through government archives or through the internet. However, there is a selection in obtaining a certified legal death record. Only the parent, grandparent, legal guardian, a spouse or domestic partner, the child, grandchild, sibling, a lawyer or anyone with a court order to access such record can get hold of that certified death record copy. Other than those mentioned above, you can only have an informational copy of the said document.
One of the States who value such death records is the State of California. California Death Records are very helpful to many genealogical and family history researches. These records are also a great thing to an adoptee that searches for a parents' birth since they provide valuable information and clues to an ancestor's or relative's death.
There are cases when you are not certain whether or not a particular person who has been gone for quite some time is already dead or not. In cases like that, it would help to search those available death records for confirmation. That is noted to be one of the reasons why these death records are searched. These records can also be used in tracing your family tree, and for other statistical and research purposes.
There are many ways in obtaining these death records. One of the means to obtain them is through the agencies who keep both electronic and written records of those in their communities. To contact those offices, you may either walk in, write, phone, fax, or go online. Another way, which is said to be the easier way, is finding them online. A computer with full access to the internet is all you have to do to get what you want in no time.
Public Death Notices marks the finalization of an individual's death record. These notices usually confirm the information provided in the death record. With all the sources and the means that we have in getting information of a certain death record/s, it is important that we are knowledgeable enough as to how to use those sources and do the search wisely so as to get the necessary things you ought to have or know.

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