School Uniforms Simplified

By: Sarah Carlye

Some schools, like private schools and catholic schools, have been requiring students to wear school uniforms for decades. For other schools, school uniforms are something new. School uniforms have become mandatory for a lot of children today. This trends originated to keep students from being judged on the basis of their socio-economic class and to reduce gang affiliation clothing being worn. If you are new to the concept of school uniforms, you will find there is nothing complicated about school uniforms.

There are many benefits school uniforms including simplifying life for students and parents and school uniforms are economical. Uniforms keep students from being distracted from learning and create a sense of unity among the different students that attend a school. There have also been studies done that have shown that those schools that have students wear uniforms have less violence, bullying, and gang activity. Safety is a powerful reason that many schools choose to implement a school uniform policy.

School Uniforms for Boys

There are a lot of manufacturers who design school uniforms for boys and girls today. However, you will want to make sure that the boy uniforms you purchase are tough and durable enough to withstand a long school day. These uniforms should also be designed with boys’ active nature in mind. You can find some uniform pants and shorts that have a Teflon coating on them. These are nice because it makes them stain resistant.

Adjustable waistbands with elasticized inserts are also common, because they are ideal for growing boys. There are the husky sizes that are available in school uniforms so that students of every build are able to find comfortable school uniforms. You will find tops, shirts, and sweaters available to choose from. There are also polo shirts, dress shirts, and vests. All of these are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. School uniforms are available in polyester and cotton blends. Though ties are less commonly required in public schools, ties are also available for these shirts, for stricter dress codes like the ones found in private schools. The ties also come in a variety of sizes and colors. School uniform jackets are still available and may have an embroidered design or logo on them.

School Uniforms for Girls

There are a lot of choices available for girls’ uniforms as more school implement a school uniform dress code. You can choose from long and short sleeve blouses, sweaters, and polo shirts. Pants and shorts are also available in both drop waist, elastic waist, and pleated styles. In additions to the basic school uniform options that are similar to boy’s uniforms, girls can also choose from jumpers, pleated skirts, and scooter skirts, too. Girls’ jackets, with and without logos are available as well. All of these different items are available in a wide variety of colors, with more pastels available in girls’ school uniform styles than in boys’ uniforms.

Even girls can be messy and tough on school uniforms so stain release and durability is important for their uniforms as well. With a wide variety of sizes, all girls should be able to find well fitting uniforms.

Regardless as to whether you are dressing a boy or a girl, you will need to find a school uniform that your child will feel comfortable wearing while still conforming to uniform dress codes of the school that they attend.

Take time to shop around for quality uniforms at affordable prices. If you are in the Miami, Florida area you can go to one of the All Uniform Wear stores. If you live elsewhere, you can shop online for school uniforms for both boys and girls at

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