Schofield Media: Future Predictions of Schofield Media

By: Jack Delmar

Schofield Media: Future Predictions of Schofield Media, illustration of growing brands of B2B for which part of core values comes from Schofield Media.

Schofield Media: Consumer Centric Experience
Schofield Media has adopted consumer centric position in providing valuable guidance for their businesses. Focusing on the strength natured by good will development with their clients it has been able to emerge as a top content publisher through print, online and organizing events and conferences provided with set of tools for 360 degree marketing strategies.
Schofield Media can be considered as a social media along with content media covering group of people, business individuals, and employees of a business company or corporate level executives.
Since technology has grasp a big change today on the media company connecting millions of people together on one platform, gives more competition among the business to business industry but the main principle of transforming a single handed business to vast network of business leaders. The need is to think strategically about what do a business need? And what Schofield Media can do about it?
Schofield Media: Future Track
Flash Back
Established in 1999, dedicated to serve the readers and advertisers of business community along with its divisions and product releases includes printed paper magazines, journals, and newsletter and web portals. The continual success paved its way of drastic marketing improvements for every type of business like food and beverages, exploring oil and gas, manufacturers and constructors and event management for medical practitioners. Insight stories, news, reviews, business innovation, generic ideas, analysis of old and new products with respect to publication and marketing, advertisement design development with diverse ideas has become the pride for Schofield Media.
Schofield Media in the past few years has been able to become the top publishers in the industry aiming to gain revolutionary grounds for exclusive and excellent content material publications for top executives and managers with the full fledge marketing analysis report about the future offerings. Intellectual ideas about the new and innovative publishing products deliver special features. Journals /magazine printed after a vast survey and research on a specific industry and keep an eye on its market place. Combined with hot selling publications, Schofield Media focuses on key issues and trends affecting the B2B companies.
Schofield Media acts as resource media to allow businesses make money through it publications. Since the day it was established, start interacting with C-level executives by providing sales tips and techniques on print medium. Organizing events contain analysis and management techniques for the builders of the nation. Its divisions are expanding day by day by acquiring different publication companies; committed to serve business personals through a large variety of magazine content.
Flagship publications made Schofield Media grown high up in printing Inside Healthcare, covering the business of healthcare for senior executives; Energy Today, reporting on topics of interest to utility, oil & gas, and alternative energy executives; and Retail Merchandiser, helping small and mid-sized retailers keep up with trends and formulate robust strategies.
"Our growth has been steady since the beginning," said Mike Kelly, publisher. "A large part of that success comes from our commitment to providing our readers with timely, practical information in a convenient format. There is certainly a place for digital publications-all of our magazines are available that way-but busy executives still turn to printed reading materials for their aesthetics and to fill travel time.”
Future Aspects
Schofield Media has judge the buzz world (internet medium) alone with respect to publishing medium of marketing and analysis done with the magic of content. Information age has entered in to the third era. Days are gone when people has to search and research in order to make themselves success full in the field of business and marketing. Though the bottom lines are the same but the techniques and products used to upgrade a business has changed. Not vast internet portals are a just one click away.

“Schofield Media evolved to cover multichannel marketer, where attentions flows, so as to make money flows”. Goals are defined before the start of New Year followed by the business individual’s
attention to profit.
Future predictions of short term success media trends for year 2009 are on its way towards valuable sales and generating revenue.
Second is continued growth of online interactive e-magazines, but stressed that these were not mere “magazines” because of their interactive nature and “rich” content.
Third is that; there will be more consumption of “content on the go” in the form of “content in our pocket”

The immediacy of the web means that a fundamental rethink is required about what is and isn’t to be printed on paper.

Schofield Media believes that taking advantage of the mediums separately side by side enable the consumer to expect publications to be instantly available online. In Business to business industry it’s not good to know about what the competitor is the success a month ago…Schofield Media can look for new revenue online while still being able to afford to give away free news, while at the same time building a valuable database-profile of their customers and exploiting those.

"We at Schofield Media, made some hard decisions very early on in the economic downturn. It was not pleasant at the time, but it has put us in good shape today. Now, as we see other companies, across all industries, stripping out layers of management as they cut costs, we are strengthening our management team," said Mike Kelly, publisher of Schofield Media

"People want to grow with a company, and this restructure allows Rick, Mary-Elizabeth, and Joy the opportunity to take their skill sets to the next level while opening up junior management positions for others," he continued.

"One lesson this economic downturn has taught me is that keeping costs to a bare minimum is the key to survival. However, if you want to do more than survive, you must invest in people, which always yields a good return."

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