Saw Palmetto is a palm like plant

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Saw Palmetto is a palm like plant that is considered to be an effective health supplement. The fruit of the Serenoa plant is often used to make medicines that serve various purposes and aid in the treatment of several diseases.

Functions of Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto can help reduce enlarged or inflamed prostates.
It can help reduce problems related to frequent urination in people.
It is also effective in preventing or treating prostate cancer.
It contains several essential fatty acids that also help serve various medicinal purposes. These fatty acids are also effective in converting fat to protein in the body.
It has high anabolic qualities that can help in muscle formation and growth. It also helps strengthen muscles tissues. This is why it is frequently used by athletes.
It helps increase testosterone levels in males.
It also helps balance hormonal levels in both women and men.
It can help in the treatment of frequent urination or painful urination.
It is often used in the treatment of urinary disorders or related diseases. It can also help reduce increased flow, or promote better flow depending on a patientís medical condition.
It is considered effective in encouraging healthier hair growth.
It is often used to treat people who constantly suffer from common cold and cough. It can also help provide relief from sore throat.
Saw Palmetto can be used to treat asthma and prevent attacks.
It is effective in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.
It can help patients who are suffering from migraine attacks to experience some relief.
It is useful in the treatment of certain types of cancer.
Some women may use the powdered form to increase muscle tone too.
It is considered useful in treating chronic pains too.
Tips and Warnings

Saw Palmetto is a completely natural ingredient and it can be used by most people.
However, some people may suffer from side effects.
Sometimes people may experience dizziness and confusion after having Saw Palmetto.
Others may complain of severe headaches.
Nausea and constant vomiting are other common side effects of Saw Palmetto.
If had regularly it may lead to stomach infections and eventually lead to diarrhea.
It should not be consumed before surgery because it may lead to excessive bleeding because it acts as a blood thinner to a certain extent.
It can thin the blood and hence should be consumed only under medical supervision.
Too much use or prolonged use may lead to liver problems in some people. People with a family history of liver problems should avoid taking Saw Palmetto.
Some people may suffer from Hepatitis or loss of appetite and jaundice in certain cases.
In certain cases people may suffer from Pancreatitis with prolonged use.
Pregnant women and those who are breast feeding newborn babies should avoid taking Saw Palmetto because it may cause harm to the digestive tract of the fetus or newborn baby.
Saw Palmetto can increase the risk of bleeding considerably.
When used as a medicine, not more than 350 mg should be consumed at a time.

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