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By: Benjamin William

There have been numerous advancements in telecommunications over the last few decades, the most significant being the VOIP phone systems that have helped businesses cut costs whilst maintaining a simple communication system. The VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems use a network instead of landlines for telecommunication. This means that businesses can use their phones over an existing network instead of using standard telephone lines, which only adds to the expense of the business. VOIP has been developed into an affordable method of communication that has helped many businesses communicate without generating higher expenses. Many businesses use VOIP phone systems because it is easy to manage and saves money.
Real Time Technology
VOIP phone systems technology has been developed so people can talk to each other in real-time. Many precursors to this technology were delayed as it was still unknown how to transmit a voice over a LAN (Local Area Network) with efficiency. Since then, the technology has been developed to the point where two people can talk over the network as if they were using a traditional landline. This will free up the cost of maintaining a landline and will eliminate the need to install phone lines throughout the building. It only requires that a LAN be established and it can be used for people within the building to communicate with each other without an excess of wires being used. This makes telecommunications simpler and easier to maintain.
Streamlines Communication
If there are already phone lines installed throughout the building, these can be used in the event of a network failure. However, using a network to communicate is a reliable method for departments to communicate over the phone as well as to transfer information. This method of communication has helped many businesses save a lot of money on their telecommunication bills because they are consolidating their communication methods into a single medium, which is the businessís network system.
Costs Savings
In addition VOIP phone systems also help businesses operate more efficiently, which is important to any growing business that wishes to remain successful. As a business grows, the telecommunication expense will also grow. This is why it is important to cut back needless expenses by consolidating communication systems. The technology behind VOIP phone systems has been developed so that it has become an inexpensive and reliable way for departments within a business to communicate with each other and even with the outside. VOIP phone systems can easily be managed through a web browser, making it easy for system administrators to monitor calls that are being made and to properly maintain the system.
Facilitates business growth
Also many businesses are switching to the VOIP phone systems technology because it is a more practical method of communication that is making the use of phone lines obsolete. It has helped many businesses facilitate growth because it has cut back on expenses, money that can then be used in other aspects of the business. Businesses that are growing need to do everything they can to remain efficient, otherwise they will be spending countless dollars on expenses that can be eliminated. Using VOIP phone systems has helped many businesses remain on the cutting edge of technology and it has helped them save thousands of dollars in telecommunication expenses.
Businesses who have not made the transition from the traditional phone line to VOIP should consider doing so right away. For more information on VOIP phone systems and technology please visit today.

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