Saving Money On Preventive Care

By: Brian Richards

One of the most prominent concern in everyone's lives, especially now a days, is affordable health insurance. Finding affordable health insurance can prove to be a tough task, and when a policy is stumbled upon, and fits into your budget, it usually does not provide all that you and your loved ones require. If you do happen to find a plan that is affordable be sure to ask yourself a few questions before sign any documents. Does the policy cover preventive care? Are most emergency cost covered? Here are some ways to stay health while not spending a fortune.
The number one item to focus on is preventive care. Of course, this is the first thing that most people do without when budgets get tight. They skip routine testing such as mammograms and PAP smears and do not return for follow-up visits. Many are cutting back on their medications, which will probably cost them much more in future health costs. Unfortunately, it is the saving of money immediately that takes priority over possible future health issues. Many tests are available for free and seeking out these offers can be a great way to have the recommended tests and still save the money for other necessities.
Their are a few ways that are affordable, and even free, in which you can maintain your physical health. One effective way to maintain good health is through exercise. Although gyms are great, and many medical insurance companies are providing discounted or free gym memberships, there is something that will provide you with a healthy lifestyle and is always free; WALKING. Not only is walking an excellent way to stay health and feel good, it has also been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore a nice walk at the end of your day can provide you with both mental and physical wellness.
Another way to save on medical is by shopping for affordable medical insurance be sure to compare quotes and coverage from various companies. This will allow you to find a plan that give you the most coverage for your money.
Asking questions and staying on top of your physician and the prescription you receive is also a great way to help you save money on medical. All to often a physician will prescribe us a medication and we do not ask the appropriate questions, as our only concern is how long until we see results. Instead of focusing on this, ask you physician if this medication is available in generic. If not ask him if he can prescribe another medication that is, as purchasing a generic prescription over a name brand can save you up to $100 each time it is filled. Also dealing with prescription, never be afraid to call around to pharmacies for the best price. We often feel comfortable utilizing the same pharmacy for all our medications, however if you price around you may find that one prescriptions is cheaper at pharmacy A and another is cheapier at pharmacy B. Although you may not want to have all your prescriptions at different locations it will be worth it when you calculate all the savingsd through out the year.
Keeping health cost to a minimum and receive all the necessary care you require can be done. It just takes a little work on your part, but the saving will be well worth your effort and time. By following some of the tips given here, you will not only be able to save on health cost today, but in the future as well. Here to staying healthy!

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