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Saving the environment for different hazardous thins is a pretty difficult task. There may be easy things to do like just simply donít rubbish all around donít burn wastes recycle them etc.

What else can be done to save our environment from polluting? What can a normal person do? Except for these small things, every person cannot do research, but together with little adjustments we can make a big change.

There are certain things that may help pollute our environment, following are the list of words that may occur when we think of saving environment these are few more can be added:

Forest reserves

Let us discuss each of these aspects related to saving the environment:


Plastic may be useful but is a very damaging and hazardous substance. Plastic is everywhere it has become one of the necessities of our life. Today almost everything is made up of plastic we need it when we go hiking, in order to be save and do not pollute we may use the same plastic bag more than one time.

Plastic may be recycled instead of throwing it away on roads and public places. We may save our environment by doing these simple things, just remember once you throw the plastic on the ground it may not decay for over 500 years.

Paper may be used more than one time also, when you do not need printouts any more, instead of burning or throwing them away why not get them stapled and make it a notepad.

Similarly if you do not need your school books any more why throw them away; why not give them to another student who might use them this may save others money if he a poor person.
Instead of throwing away colored news papers, why not use them to gift wrap things, what you need is just a little bit of skill to craft them by using some extra colors.

Forest Reserves:
Just minimize the use of wood products. If you go camping somewhere never cut the trees for your own purposes, trees make the environment clean.

To help protect the environment just one this to say, avoid cutting of trees. Especially when they are also grown in cities.
If you are driving a car or any other vehicle make sure that it is in a good condition, it does not give of too much smoke.

Avoid unnecessary horn, this may cause noise pollution.

Make people aware of the hazards that may cause pollution, like noise smoking, burning paper and other chemicals. Tell other people not to litter, make everyone around you aware of the harms of the pollutants.

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