Save Energy And Money - Use A Spa Cover

By: John Morris

There are days when people use their tub to refresh and rejuvenate themselves from stress. Itís like releasing the tension downwards. The number of times they use it is not only once a week but could be on a regular basis so as to have a standard invigorating routine. Most hot tub users, however, forget to cover it up after use. They tend to leave it open only to allow insects and dirt to accumulate. That is why there are devices in order to protect them from dust, dirt, or any harmful elements that may damage the tub. This is especially important because hot tub water is not chlorinated so extra steps to protect the cleanliness of your water is truly essential.

1. Energy-saver

The tub, if properly covered, will reduce heat loss in the water temperature for as long as it takes. It can, then, be reused without generating too much power on the equipment. Moreover, because the spa covers seal the heat within the tub, users will be able to minimize the waiting time in the event that they have to reuse it again. Consequently, reheating a tub every time a person uses it can consume more energy. This goes to show that whenever a person wants to relax with his or her tub, they continuously add more money to their bills for just a single use. Thatís a hefty amount of energy consumption. The key here is to conserve more energy by sealing in heat so as to cut back extra and unnecessary consumption. The key here is to minimize the consumption of water, chemicals, and refrain unwanted elements that go straight to the water. In turn, the consumer will be able to save more money from electricity bills.

2. Time Saver

Because it preserves and seals the heat within, the tub will be able to be used more quickly - thereís no need to wait for as long just to keep the tub really hot.

3. Curb Accidents

Usually, the main cause of injuries, drowning or near drowning, slipping and falling in the tub are due to open tubs. Hence, studies show that this lack of caution may risk the safety of users and may cause accidents that could be fatal. So, covering it will deter these unreasonable injuries to the users, especially on unsupervised children whether it is placed inside or outside the house. People just donít know that these injuries could be fatal if taken for granted. The cover is made of vinyl and foam taper, and it makes the material strong enough to support the weight of a person and may save lives in return. The large downside, of course, is if children fall (or even intentionally go) beneath the surface of the pool cover. The cover may act like a wall of ice, preventing the ability to come up for air.

4. No Chemicals

Covering your tub is an excellent alternative to employing chemicals just to save water usage. It is a simple and safe method to achieve a better quality of water. Oxidization of organic compounds is also one way to stop it from further mutation. Of course, wasting your dollar to chemicals that are not good enough will only be detrimental to oneís health and can be really risky.

5. Debris and Dirt

Open tubs are more exposed to microbes and bacteria, dust, dirt, and oil. Covering can lessen the possibilities of accumulating such elements that can pose harm. If you have an external hot tub, covering is absolutely essential, as uncovered bodies of water are breeding grounds for parasites, microbes, and mosquitos!

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