San Jose Dental Implants - An Option For Missing Teeth

By: Samantha White

When it comes to our well being, we have many issues that can stress us out. But rarely do we think about dealing with troublesome dental issues. Our lives are packed with events and stress and thinking about our teeth is an after thought. However, there are many conditions that left untreated can lead to the loss of one or several of our teeth.
We often don't care if we lose a tooth in the back of our mouth where no one can see it or we think, out of sight out of mind (or out of mouth). We often talk ourselves out of repairing the condition as it may be too costly or not such a big deal. We will often just say it isn't that important at this time and we'll get to it later.
However the replacement of teeth is vital. The utilization of dental implants is as close to the most natural way of replacing missing teeth. With the numerous types of dental implants available, there is a high chance of finding the right one for your situation. The implant serves to stimulate the bone preventing it from melting away. It also prevents injury to the surrounding teeth as they haven't been damaged by crowns that would have been needed if a bridge instead of an implant was selected.
As mentioned, by not repairing "gaps" left in your mouth, you can have compensatory shifting of your adjacent teeth. This can accelerate dental caries as well as the bone disease, periodontitis. Teeth also provide facial support and without them, you can look different and in many cases much older.
Patients frequently put off having dental implants placed because they fear pain. When patients are interviewed after surgery, they report their pain is usually much less than when they had, the tooth they just replaced with the implant, extracted. The procedure is usually quickly performed and is done in the dental office using local anesthesia.
Many people simply won't go to the dentist or have any work done unless they are sedated or asleep. These procedures take away the anxiety and allow the procedure to be performed comfortably for the patient. Patients seeking this kind of care, should make sure they select a good doctor that is proficient at this. The most qualified dental specialists to provide sedation for patients are oral surgeons.
You can never go wrong investing in yourself. Investing in your mouth can actually lead to better systemic health and prevent more dental work for being needed in the future. Discuss with your dentist and oral surgeon your options to remedy your dental situation. Often times, financing is available to make your treatment affordable.

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