San Diego Metal Recycling – Learn More about the Benefits

By: Fred Hoffman

Business enterprises and corporations use and dispose tons of metal each year, going into everything from drink cans to vehicles. According to reports, it has been observed that at least 150 million tons of junk metal were reused in the year 2008 alone. Of this, at least 40 percent was used for the purpose of manufacturing. So, you understand that recycling has multiple benefits for the U.S. as well as the world. This is the reason San Diego metal recycling companies are getting into it. Let’s read on to learn more about the benefits.

Boon to the Economy

Reuse or regeneration results in the creation of more employment opportunities than sending an equal amount of scrap copper or steel to the furnace. This has been proved as per reports of National Institutes of Health. As per the studies of the National Recycling Coalition, the industry alone produces $236 billion in a year and provides job opportunities to millions of workers across the United States of America. $236 billion is a whopping sum! In 2008, the industry was successful in generating $86 billion and created 85,000 jobs. In the same year, the U.S. exported at least 44 million tons of scrap material contributing enormously to the trade balances of the United States. No wonder why metal recycling Los Angeles firms are thriving!

Ecological Benefits

The process of mining copper is not environment friendly as it results in the emission of sulphur dioxide and other toxic gases into the atmosphere. Though manufacturers capture some of the gaseous elements in the production process, but some amount of noxious gases are emitted into our atmosphere. However, when the same substance is recycled, there is no release of noxious gases like sulphur dioxide. On the contrary, there is a positive impact on the environment, and there is an improvement in the quality of air with the method of reutilizing.

Conservation of Precious Ore

It is important to note that ore is scarcely found in our planet earth. The process of reutilizing lessens the quantity of the original ore that is to be mined by supplying the manufacturers with an available source of already-mined substance. As per the reports of San Diego Services Department, reprocessing of a pound of aluminium implies saving of 4 pounds of bauxite ore. Again, reprocessing of steel helps in the conservation of 1.25 pounds.

Conservation of Energy

The process of regenerating helps in the conservation of energy that is otherwise utilized in the drilling of ore, or refining of aluminium and steel. The level of conservation depends on the type of product. As per the National Institutes of Health, aluminium reprocessing consumes 95 percent less energy, and steel conserves approximately 60 percent.

Cost Effective

Manufacturers prefer reutilizing of copper as it is economical to produce goods made of this metal. This is not possible if products are to be manufactured using new copper. That’s why more and more copper recycling Los Angeles companies are interested in the process of reutilizing. It has a chain positive effect. When cost of production diminishes, it means consumers are required to pay less for the products they buy.

Hope this article gives you some idea about the benefits of recycling.

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Fred Hoffman has been in this metal recycling Los Angeles for over a decade. According to him, the practice of Los Angeles and San Diego metal recycling will not only help us keep the environment clean but also make some additional money.

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