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Students undertaking philosophy courses must be well prepared to write philosophy papers in

the course of their academic year. Unlike the standard academic papers, philosophy papers allow

the student to make a reasoned defense over a claim. The students task is thus to provide a viable

argument in an effort to ensure readers believe his claim as viable. Philosophy papers require

that students make a claim and use strong evidence as support for the claim. Other than giving an

argument, there are other characteristics that students can utilize to ensure that their philosophy

writings stand out. First, quality philosophy papers are simple but straightforward. Most students

fail in their writing attempts as they write complex academic papers that are hard to comprehend.

Ideal philosophy writings are straightforward and emphasize on simple facts. It is important that

students emphasize on simplicity rather that provide complex philosophy academic papers that

are inadequately defended and poorly explained facts. Originality is the second vital element of

an outstanding philosophy paper.

Students should strive to write academic papers from scratch. It is inappropriate for a student

to copy another personís work and present it as oneís own. Presenting another authors work

is known as plagiarism. It is wrong and results to students losing marks. The aim of any

philosophy papers is to demonstrate a studentís ability to comprehend the concept taught. The

ability of the student to apply the ideas taught in class in the writing of a philosophy papers

ascertains that the student is capable of engaging in independent thinking. It also demonstrates

that a student has understood the ideas covered in a topic. If, in the writing process, the student

has to quote content from another author, it is vital that the student acknowledges this by citing

the name of the author and the year of publication. At the end of the writing process, the student

should provide further details such as the title of the text, the full names of the author, the year

and the publisherís names.

The other element of an excellent philosophy paper is an excellent structure. The structure of

the academic paper must be obvious from the start of the paper to the end. Readers must be able

to follow through the reading form the introduction to the conclusion. The student should strive

to use connective words and transition sentences between paragraphs. Connective words and

transition sentences direct the readers as the student moves to a new idea within the philosophy

paper. Philosophy papers must also be concise. The ability of philosophy writings being concise

means that the student should be able to select the vital points about a topic and fully explain

them. It is inappropriate for a student to write everything about a stated topic. The emphasis in

philosophy papers writing is quality and not quantity.

Philosophy papers must also use plenty of examples to support a point. Most of the facts

provided in philosophy papers are abstract and difficult to understand. It is the use of examples

that ensure the lay-man comprehends the content of philosophy papers. It is also vital that

student clearly define all philosophical terms in their philosophy papers. Definition of

terminologies ensures that a reader comprehends the content of the paper. The final important

element of quality philosophy papers is grammar. It is vital that students present papers that are

free of grammatical errors. Students should go through philosophy papers and correct any errors.

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