Same-day Crowns Eliminate Hassel Of Multiple Visits To The Dentist

By: Gen Wright

If any of your teeth are damaged or cracked due to a large filling or injury, dental crowns may be an appropriate solution for restoring function and aesthetics to your smile. Dental crowns are often used to cove, or cap off damaged teeth to provide much needed protection and strength. These restorations are permanently placed onto your teeth and are often referred to as "fixed" dentistry, bringing life back into your smile. With the use of E4D technologies, your dentist can often provide you with a same day solution, providing you with more convenience and eliminating the waiting period where your teeth may change.

Same-Day Crown Placement with E4D

E4D technology is taking the dental profession to a higher level of productivity, patient comfort, and convenience. The system utilizes digital 3D impressions of your teeth prepared for full contour crowns, inlays, onlays, smile designs and no-prep veneers without the application of contrast agents or temporaries.

Your dentist can replace worn, chipped, or decayed teeth with perfect tooth colored restorations that are directly bonded to the teeth in one simple visit. E4D technologies provide your dentist with the tools to deliver same day dentistry using the latest in technology and clinically proven materials. With this system, your dentist can also replace those unsightly damaging silver fillings with long lasting porcelain inlays and on-lays. E4D offers fewer shots, less drilling, and less time out of your schedule for dental care, in addition to:

* No messy impressions
* No temporary crowns
* Natural-looking tooth colored ceramic material
* Metal-free
* Conservative restorations retain more healthy tooth structure

The Basics of Dental Crowns

If one of your teeth has been broken or has become significantly weakened by decay or a large filling, then a crown may be an ideal solution for you. A crown is a dental restoration that covers a tooth in order to restore it to its normal shape, size and function. The purpose of a crown is to strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth. A crown is also used for the following:

* Cover an implant
* Restore a fractured tooth
* Cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth
* Protect a weak tooth from fracturing
* Attach a bridge to replace missing teeth
* Restore a tooth when there is not enough tooth remaining for support

Ceramic crowns are by far the most aesthetically pleasing and discreet option, and one of the most popular types of crowns. Most crowns are now ceramic, rather than metal-infused, which allows light to be transmitted to create a more life-like, natural-looking tooth. With a ceramic crown, it can be used to treat areas with a small amount of space available.

If you have damaged or missing teeth contact your dentist in Naples, FL today for further consultation and treatment. Only your dentist can decide if same day crowns with E4D technologies are right for you. With the E4D Dentist System you and your dentist can achieve the same quality and esthetics in a single visit.

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