Salt Water Hot Tubs

By: mary bean

About two years ago, I had a chance to spend some time in the most amazing hot tub ever. I was in San Diego and my friend invited me to chat with him in his new hot tub.

I was shocked to find out that his new hot tub was a salt water hot tub. Now, these whirlpools of warm salt water are becoming increasingly popular for a couple of reasons. The first reason that they are becoming popular is due to the long embraced healing and relaxing qualities of warm salt water. Even as a child, my mother would prepare warm salt water baths for me to relax in after my youth sports. So people are catching on to this more and more in our highly stressful society. A second reason for people setting up salt water hot tubs is the natural sanitizing properties of salt water. Salt water helps maintain a more sanitary hot tub. The final reason is that it is something new. So how do you do it?

Here is a quick 5 step guide to setting up your salt water hot tub:

1. You need to go to your local pool store and get your hands on a “salt chlorine generator”. This is simple enough to install yourself, but make sure you find out if the generator you get is compatible with your hot tub. This also help maintain the tub over the long term. You don’t want to damage the tub even thought you might forfeit the warranty due to the modification.

2. Install the salt chlorine generator. You might see some sodium-chlorine separation, but this is natural.

3. Start running the tub and slowly add salt. The salt should be approximately 2.5lbs per every 100 gallons of water. So you need to measure carefully or you might have a less than desirable experience in the hot tub.

4. Let the tub run for a few days to make sure all of the sodium and chlorine have separated.

5. Finally, you can use your tub. Just hop in or invite friends.

Natural sea salt is becoming more known for its healing qualities. It is associated with fighting many diseases, sicknesses and ailments. Since sea salt contains many different natural minerals, it can help your skin feel more refreshed and it helps in re leaving pain from sore muscles and joints. Many say that by combining sea salt with warm water you get a naturally soothing aroma the just increases the desirability to be in the water.

So, the bottom line is that you should first try out a hot tub/spa in person. Take home some information on the model you like (including the price), and then see if you can find a better deal on the same model online. One thing to keep in mind with online purchases, however, is that no one is going to help you set the unit up (this is something you can pay extra for or sometimes negotiate into the deal with a local dealer).

They may not even deliver it to the backyard, instead just dropping this several hundred pound beast in your driveway. Installing a hot tub/spa can involve digging holes in the yard for electrical lines or adding a 220 line to your fuse box.

On a last note, it is really important to just maintain your salt water hot tub. They are susceptible to corrosion which you often see in spas. The cleaning of salt water hot tubs seems to be the worst part and for people who create these amazingly healing and soothing hot tubs.

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