Sales Techniques: Art of making profit

By: Chris D West

Making sales is an art which reflects the person’s ability to convince others so that they buy the product he is selling. If a Chinese person starts convincing a Greek to buy a particular product it won’t work, the first lesson of learning sales techniques is building rapport. Rapport means harmony between the people which makes them speak the same language. Many of the sales researches have shown that over 90 percent of the sales process is based on having a good rapport. You may have the best coverage for your client and you may represent the most reputable firm but these are the things that many of the other sales persons may have, but if you have rapport then your client will not be left with any reason to buy the product from another agent.

We are masters in developing rapport with the people who mare like us, but it is very difficult to understand or feel comfortable with the people who are not like us. We often judge other people on the prospects of the way we see the world. Every sales training program says that before we can sell our product to the client we have to make him listen to us and most often people do that by developing the trust, this is what mainly building a rapport means.

One of the most effective ways of developing rapport is through the way of physiology. This technique is famous as mirroring that allows you to develop a good rapport with your clients instantly. If you have been wondering how to sell for a very long time then this is the best technique for you. In this technique you simply have to mirror the other person’s body movements so that the person feel comfortable in your company and open their ears to what you are trying to say.

You have to match your body movements with the person to whom you are trying to sell the products like if the person leans back in the chair you do the same, if the person crosses his leg you copy him, and if the person sits forward you do the same. You have to keep in mind that you goal is to make the person comfortable and not cautious, your body movements should be smooth so that it doesn’t make the person realize that you are copying him.

Selling skills not only include the convincing through language but also include convincing through appearance. You appearance matters a lot when you want to convince any person as it influence your image. The most famous phrase “first impression is the last impression” works here, when you go to convince a person, the first thing he gets his eyes on is the way you are dressing. A business negotiation strategy of any of the organization or department supports the whole organizational strategy which serves as a key to increase the profit with the increase in sales. All the negotiations which go in excess are backed by a defined negotiation methodology and supporting toolsets.

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