Sales Objections - How to deal with Im fine thanks

By: Peter ODonoghue

Sales Objection Handling Technique - “I’m fine thanks”

As I sat down to write a few articles, my phone rang. I got up to answer to be greeted with:

“Hi, this is British Telecom” …. Which was then followed by a pitch about extending our BT contract. As soon as the person had finished I said:

“I’m fine thanks”
The response from the other person:
“Ok, thanks.” And then they hung up. Wow. That persons sales figures must be terrible. This is a classic case of an employee going through the motions. I can’t even call them a salesperson because no attempt was even made to continue the conversation, ask me questions or just find out why I said that. This person probably thinks sales is awful and sets themselves up every day for failing.

They could have said:
“I’m sure you have a good reason for saying that. Do you mind me asking what that is?” or
“Sorry. I couldn’t have done a very good job at explaining how much this will benefit you - can I have 5 seconds to see if I could explain again?”
It doesn’t necessarily matter what you say, as long as you say something. If you are going to give up as easily as that then realistically what was the point in calling.

If you are going to make a telesales call then make sure you have prepared the strong reasons for your call, your fantastic answers to most common sales objections that you get and that you get into a positive state of mind and expect a positive outcome.

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