Safety tips for frameless glass panels

By: Smith M. John

Frameless glass panels are quite popular today, and more and more businesses as well as residences are installing them, because of the clutter free and crisp look that they give to the apartments and offices.

Glass panels and doors are a good option because they make the office look Spartan, and they work towards decreasing the heat in the office, therefore making the entire environment cooler. While glass panels are a good option, they can be a cause of some major accidents if the owners do not take some required steps, and these accidents look comical only on television they can be quite injurious in real life. Here are some simple safety tips that one should take, if they are planning to install frameless glass doors and panels.

Look at the type of glass that makes the door, and make sure that it is not too transparent so transparent that people do not realise that there is a glass door and this might create a scenario for them to take a bump, whether big or small. A glass door bump is quite an embarrassment at the least, and it can be a serious accident at the worst. Always ensure that there is a very visible door handle to the glass door, as this would further decrease any chances of an accident. It would be a good idea to install such glasses, and paste semi transparent, or even hundred percent transparent stickers, as this will not just act as a basic sign that there is a door, but add to the aesthetics of the room or office too.

When you have a glass door, you should also ensure that there are signs and placards that tell people about the glass door. If you are installing the glass door in an office, make sure that the hospitality manager makes it a point to inform any guests about the various glass doors in the office. Additionally, such doors should not be installed, or at least should not be closed in places of high traffic, like the foyer, or offices where you would expect guests at all hours in large numbers.

These are safety tips that you should pay attention to before you decide on the frameless glass panels in your house or office. The best people to suggest the right kind of frameless or otherwise doors in your office would be the interior decorators. Some houses and offices might just not be suitable for a glass panel or a glass door.

Once you know that it would be a good idea to have a glass door or panel in your office, you should look out for the best manufacturers of these products. Most of them have websites, and you will be able to find out all you need about them, right from the various products that they have, to the prices that they offer. The websites will also provide contact information, and if you see anything you like in their inventory, you can just give them a call.

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