Safety on the Road: Simple Driving Tips

By: Andrew Beene

The streets of New York are busy 24/7 and driving here entails precautionary measures. From minor accidents to road rage deaths because of motor vehicles, the state of New York requires defensive driving New Yorkfor people who have collected too many points on their driving records or had their privilege suspended.

The objective of defensive driving is to minimize the number of road mishaps using a more advanced training course. It teaches drivers to be cautious and more observant of their surroundings, the latest techniques in vehicle driving and a lesson of the state’s current driving law.

The most effective way to learn defensive driving is by enrolling in a professional driving school in New York. There are numerous driving schools in New York but more driving schools in Manhattan committed to providing quality driving lessons. Through driving lessons in New York, one is not only taught the basics of driving but acquainted with responsible and defensive driving.

Even the most confident and experienced drivers make mistakes on the road — vehicle malfunctions, bad weather conditions, encounters with an ignorant driver who shuns the traffic law. To avoid these sorts of mistakes or involvement in distasteful road situations, learn to drive defensively. Jose’s Driving School provides these crash course tips for your guidance:

Be Prepared And Look Ahead — Always sit comfortably with both hands on the steering wheel. Traffic conditions change constantly so always scan the road ahead. Also anticipate mistakes by other drivers and what you can do to avoid it. Be ready to react responsively by using your car's signal to alert other vehicles behind you.

Maintain The Proper Speed — Obey posted speed limit on the road; if there is none, do not exceed your car's speed of 55mph or 88km/h. Learn to assess the speed of your car depending on certain conditions related to the weather or road accidents. This will keep the traffic flow smooth. Driving slower than the minimum speed is as bad as over speeding for it interrupts the traffic and creates unlikely situations. Each state regulates a varying set of rules on speed limit. In New York, the speed limit is 30mph or 48km/h.

Allow Car Space — Do not tailgate. Car crash usually involves rear-end collisions. Leave enough room between your vehicle and the one in front so you can safely navigate if the front car stops with no warning. If a driver tailgates behind you, move to another lane if possible (do not forget to signal), or slow down and pull off the road to let the driver go by you.

Or follow the two-second rule: Choose an object that’s near you like a signpost, tree or an overpass. As the vehicle passes it, count aloud slowly, "one thousand one, one thousand two." If you reach the same object before you finish counting, you are following too closely.

Do Not Drive If You Are Tired, Angry, Drunk, Or Hallucinating — Aside from tailgating, road rage is one of the many reasons of car accidents. Having imbalanced emotions or being hostile can pose great danger. Same thing goes if you are exhausted as your eyes follow your brain’s signal to sleep. Stealing some naps while driving can cause dreadful car accidents that usually result in deaths. And lastly, do not, ever, drive under the influence of liquors or drugs.

Always Keep Your Vehicle In Good Operating Condition — Before leaving your house, check your car’s mechanical condition from steering wheel, gauges, brakes, down to signal lights and car lock system. Check your car’s fuel and water levels the night before, and always clean your mirrors to have a better and clearer view of the road ahead of, behind and alongside you.

Other Valuable Road Tips:
• Always fasten your seatbelt.
• When riding with kids under five, provide them safety seats
• Do not use a mobile phone while driving
• Do not increase the volume of your car’s stereo so you can hear what’s happening

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