Safe drinking water and a healthy you

By: JessicaThomson

Water is one of the most important chemical substance on earth. Without it there would be no life on earth meaning there would be no us. It's made up of two most important elements present in our atmosphere, hydrogen and oxygen. It's very essential for our lives. The water that was available to probably our forefathers was very clean and safe for drinking but with time and the increasing human activity on earth largely industrial our water has become contaminated and is no longer safe for us to drink.
The tank water that is supplied in our homes travel through iron pipes mostly which are corroded and the rust from them mixes up with the water making it very harmful to drink. Then there is the problem of the water being adulterated with pesticides or other heavy harmful metals. The conventional method of purifying drinking water by boiling is not a hundred percent reliable method as it only kills the bacteria and does not do anything to the other harmful metals present in the water that is the metals and the pesticides. The other method of purifying water is chlorination which involves treating the water with chlorine which helps in killing the harmful organisms. But since chlorine is a harmful gas it is not safe for drinking purpose. Drinking contaminated water can result in many serious diseases like cancer which is caused by drinking water which has arsenic in it, for a long period of time. Many diarrheal diseases are also caused due to unsafe drinking water.
Therefore as a solution to this problem, water filters have been developed to purify drinking water and are available in the market by different names. They come in two types, one which treats water before the water is supplied to the whole house and the one which purifies only the water used for the purpose of drinking. One of the best water filter available in the market is water guard which performs both the above mentioned functions.
The process of water treatment includes a pre filtration process to remove heavy dirt. The next step involves removing chemicals and toxins and improving its taste and quality. This is followed by sterilization of water which helps in getting rid of any bacteria that could be present. The pH of the water is also adjusted by adding acids or bases whichever is necessary to bring it to a safe level of drinking. Flocculation is done to make the water look clear and colorless.
A good water purifier would be one which removes any harmful material present in water but not the essential minerals.

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