Safe Teeth Whitening

By: Daniel Murphy

Whitening your teeth is a very fashionable thing to do, and is perfectly safe if the procedure is carried out correctly and by a person who knows that they are doing. The thing to watch out for is that the treatment that you use does not do any damage to your tooth enamel. Accidentally removing tooth enamel is not only very undesirable, but it will have the opposite effect of whitening and will cause your teeth to go yellow.
Using a hard tooth toothbrush to bleach your teeth is not recommended either. This is because you can actually cause damage to your gums if you are too vigorous, especially when using a hard bristled toothbrush. There are literally hundreds of tooth whitening products on the market, but with any of them you should use a soft bristled brush for a gentler clean, and one which won't cause any damage to your gums.
Abrasives are bad in your mouth; there is no abrasive that needs to go into your mouth! Abrasives do nothing but damage your teeth and gums and they are far from safe teeth whitening. They can damage your teeth permanently; there are certain chemicals that should be used instead of abrasives. Whitening should work with chemical agents and not any abrasives.
Safety first; that's the key; get a brilliant white smile, but don't take any risks with your dental health. It's always a good idea to chat things over with your dentist; after all, he/she is your dental health expert. They may offer a teeth whitening service and if they do, it would be well worth using it to get best and safest results.
Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that is becoming more and more popular because it really does improve your smile, and therefore your looks too. Generally speaking, teeth whitening is not an unduly expensive procedure, and if you talk to your dentist, he/she can tell you what they charge, or, if they do not do it themselves, they will be able to recommend somewhere that you can go.
If you do happen to find that the cost of going to a professional is a little too much for your pocket, you can shop around to see what commercial OTC (over the counter) products are available, either at your local pharmacy, supermarket, or even online. You may have to try several before you find one that that suits your taste and that gets best results.
When you are browsing to find a suitable product, don't concentrate too much on price. You will generally find that the cheaper products may incorporate the abrasives that we warned you to avoid. It is worth paying a little bit more but ending up with a product that uses safe chemicals and that will give you the best whitening process without any harmful side effects.
Choose a safe teeth whitening procedure and you are sure to come out smiling and showing off those lovely new white teeth. It is important for you to look after your teeth. As an adult your real teeth cannot be replaced, so look after them!

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