Safe Period Test - A Lady's Guide to Natural Birth Management

By: Denise Biance

Just like the numerous contraceptives returning out in the market today, nature additionally features a way of providing birth control. By monitoring your menstrual cycle, you'll be able to truly verify when it is safe to have intercourse with your partner and when it's not to avoid getting pregnant. Any girl who has her monthly period should be aware of the times when she is ovulating. This might be the basis of her safe amount test. The safe period can verify the beginning and the end of a lady's fertility period that is your guide to know when it is presumably you'll get pregnant.
In order to possess a basis for your safe amount check, you need to recognize a couple of facts concerning your menstrual cycle and therefore the natural method for family planning.
The ovulation period for every lady is at intervals 14 days before her next period. Let's say the girl has her menstrual cycle inside a amount of 28 days regularly. With the first day of her period as day one, she would then ovulate on day fourteen. On the opposite hand, if the cycle lasts for thirty two days, then the ovulation begins on day 18. As the girl ovulates, a person's sperm has twenty four hours to fertilize the egg.
Currently that we have a tendency to recognize a lot of concerning the ovulation period, it's easier to determine the period when it's safe to possess intercourse while not any different means that of contraception. Some women use the calendar to track the times after they are regarding to ovulate. Others use the temperature method, and also the mucus test.
The calendar methodology is kind of a tedious process. You must be ready to track the first day of your menstruation and mark it in the calendar at intervals a period of six months. You should do this while not missing a month so you may properly compute the days to abstain from having sex.
As a secondary measure you'll take, checking your temperature can also facilitate you determine when you're possibly ovulating. You wish to live your temperature within the morning right when you awaken and before getting out of bed. Three successions of rising temperature suggests that you're ovulating, thus it is best to avoid intercourse at this state.
The third possibility for testing the fertility rate of a lady is thru mucus test. This test will allow you to see the different phases of a lady's reproductive state. An indication that you are ovulating would show the mucus to be stringy and will not flee easily. But, if you are not fertile, the mucus discharge of your body would easily get away and is less thicker in consistency.
Please note that these tests are additional beneficial for those with regular menstrual cycles. The natural methodology for birth control is a wonderful possibility for couples who are looking for less invasive quite contraception. But, if your menstrual cycle is irregular it may be more troublesome to have an accurate result to your safe period test. The safest way remains to opt using other types of precautions to avoid pregnancy.

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