Safe, Effective and Natural Treatments for Warts

By: Troy Stevens

Warts are one of the most common; and also most annoying of skin problems. They're not something which presents a real risk to one's health, but they are certainly unappealing and in the case of plantar warts, painful.
Warts are skin growths caused by a viral infection of the skin. The virus in question is one of the human papilloma viruses and these growths can appear anywhere on the body. The virus typically enters through a cut or abrasion, often one so small it may go completely unnoticed; at least until a wart shows up. Most of the time, the infection will run its course and the wart will disappear in a few weeks to a few months, rarely as long as a year.
Knowing how to use these treatments saves you the time and expense of seeing your dermatologist in the bargain. A wart is a skin growth caused by an infection by a member of the human papilloma virus family. The virus is able to penetrate the skin through abrasions and cuts, often ones which go unnoticed - though a wart is pretty good at drawing attention to itself.
Warts will usually go away on their own in the span of a couple weeks to a couple of months as the virus runs its course in the body. Of course, most people would rather not wait for this, so there is a large market for wart treatments. Most over the counter treatments use acids to burn away warts.
One of these is the very popular duct tape method. The wart is covered with a piece of duct tape for six days, at which point the tape is removed. The area is then exfoliated with pumice, dried thoroughly and then covered with tape again. This is repeated until the wart disappears, which may take a few cycles of treatment.
If the virus isn't completely eradicated however or you're exposed to the virus again, you could have those warts coming right back. There are several natural treatments for warts which are every bit as effective and much less costly, including the well known duct tape method. In this method, the wart is covered for six days with duct tape, then the tape is removed. You then use pumice to exfoliate the area, wash and dry thoroughly and then cover it again. This can take a few cycles to completely remove the wart, but it is known to be effective. An adhesive bandage can also be substituted for the somewhat less visually appealing duct tape, though the method is otherwise identical.
Other natural treatments for warts include the following:
Banana peel secured to the wart with tape
Daily application of apple cider vinegar Daily application of tea tree oil
Rub the wart with a raw potato several times each day to speed recovery
Prevention is always the best medicine, so the best thing to do is protect yourself from these infections. You can do this by keeping your immune system healthy with a diet which eliminates refined sugars and flours, chemical additives and artificial ingredients.
Along with avoiding unnatural foods, a diet that focuses on fresh, natural fruits and vegetables helps to keep the immune system operating at its best, as does proper rest and exercise.

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