Sacramento used car dealerships: Stay away from water damaged cars

By: Rick Pruett

I am sure you must have read the horror stories of hurricanes and other storm. You might have also seen the devastating and tragic pictures of life loss and property loss. Sure, you have seen the tragic images of submerged houses, people in rowboats and cars that are underwater. Keep the horror pictures in mind when purchasing used cars. Needless to say, the resulting vehicular damage from flooding is immense. Given a chance nobody will buy a flood damaged car however it isn’t always easy to figure out if the vehicle is water damaged. Get it in writing; there are some dishonest resellers who may try their level best to throw you a lemon if you are not informed. Visit the dealerships of used cars for sale Sacramento in order to strike a good deal. However you need to be wary of the tactics of how to avoid a flood damaged car

Here how it works

After the vehicle gets damaged, the insurance company pays off the amount and brands the car title indicating the type of loss such as rebuilt wreck, salvage or flood victim and then takes possession of the vehicle. Later the vehicle is hauled off to an insurance auction. Although most buyers are the legitimate businesses such as Sacramento used car dealerships however, there are also the dishonest vehicle rebuilders who own the ‘chop shops’. Such unscrupulous rebuilders are always on the lookout for buying premium vehicles at the lowest price. Later they rebuild the vehicle and sell it off at the auction circuit to sell lemon to the auction buyers.

Here is your quick tip – Always run a title history report prior purchasing the vehicle.

So, what happens to a flood damaged car basically?

To be honest, the car might perform pretty well for a couple of months and then it gradually transforms into a money pit. So, first things first – conduct a thorough pre purchase inspection irrespective of the fact, whether the car comes from a rebuilder, from an individual seller or even from the dealerships of used cars for sale at Sacramento.

What are the aspects to watch out for in a pre-purchase inspection?

You need a pair of trained eye to identify such things such paint over spray that indicates repair, body damage water damage and other telltale signs of major repair.

Water damage: Usually you would be able to find water lines in the engine compartment at the trunk and even at the doorjambs. Stay away from the car if you find green, crusty substance right at the junction blocks and electrical plugs

Also, check the carpet for a proper fit and if you find the carpet is loose and wrinkled then chances are there that the carpet has been removed for repairing flood damage!

Odometer rollback: Informed buyers will also take a close look at the odometer for improper alignment. This typically suggests odometer tampering after the vehicle was being repaired after flood damage.

Check the fluid of the power steering: You need to check the color of the fluid in order to determine whether or not there is any presence of metal flakes. Black fluid indicates that the fluid has been impregnated with metal flakes and that’s a clear sign of system wear. On the other hand, milky color indicates water has been mixed with the fluid. This indicates that the car was underwater.

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Rick Pruett is associated with Sacramento used car dealerships for the last 11 years. Hence, he knows about the advantages of dealing with authentic Sacramento auto dealers offering used cars for sale Sacramento.

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