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By: Mel Joelle

SEO development is necessary for generating website traffic besides quality contents. As website articles will be a week old, the majority of traffic to those articles comes from search engines. That is why it is vital to rank high in search engines. Here are chief search engine tips to apply when writing a new search engine article or in development of a new website to ensure the blog ranks high in search engines Place keywords on the title tag: Title tag is vital for high ranking of scrupulous keywords. That is why it is important to use titles with important keywords to grab the attention of the reader. When people are searching on the search engine, page titles will be displayed in the results but they will follow links that are important and rewarding to having a unique title. Therefore, before applying the title, Google it to see if it will appears among the top titles. Google only displays eight word of the page title. It does not index the keywords in title pages after the twelve words. MSN does not index long titles.

Optimize robots texts: Optimized robot texts are a requirement for search engine optimization. This files control pages which the website get crawled by search engine spiders. For that using word press, preserve search engine spiders plugging in folders and crawling wap administration.

Quality of outbound and inbound links: As many websites developers appreciate that website links boost web ranking, many do not know that the eminence of the link plays an important role in the page ranking of the website. Do not link to spam websites. Google has warned webmasters over this issue. As a result of linking websites to spam websites, Google can delete the website from engine results. Google spiders can follow links if the website has over one thousand unique outbound links on a page.

Importance of the first paragraph: The first paragraph is vital on the website page. Search engines scan the first paragraph assuming it is a summary of the whole content. This explains why it is better to have keywords mentioned on the first paragraph of the first line. Where A11 in one SEO Park plug-in for Word Press is used, the plug-in will takes the web content from the first paragraph. The paragraph will be placed on the Meta description. This is a text search engines display under the title of the web page.

Ensure accessibility of the website: Accessible websites ensure the page content is successfully delivered frequently. The page functionality, uptime of the saver, HTML basics validity are parts of site convenience. If these points are faulty, or if they are not applied, search engines and visitors will choose other sites to visit.

Use SEO friendly URLs: The URL page should be descriptive for search engines and users to understand what is in the page they are linked to. SEO friendly URLs have an advantage of serving their own text anchor when pasted to forums since URL have to page keywords of the page in its URL. Where dynamic URLs are used, keep the parameter under two.

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