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By: Mel Joelle

There are many search engine optimization tricks. That we can use effectively to improve our websites rank in search engines. First, let us talk about on-site SEO tricks that are tricks applied directly to your website.

Now the first thing to keep in mind is Google loves text. Not gibberish or duplicate content, it gives high value to unique and relevant content. Notice again that I said Google loves text; I did not say Google loves HTML code. Google tends to favor websites, which have a low HTML code to text ratio. Therefore, the website design should be elegant yet minimal. Another thing to keep in mind is properly use it of keywords, let us say you are trying to rank for the keyword fountain pens. Now repeating fountain pens throughout your text 100 times is not a good idea, you should not be repeating any of your keywords too often. This is called keyword stuffing and search engines hate it. What you can do is try to include semantically related words in your text. This in turn will increase your webpage’s relevancy for the keyword, so you can also use the word “ink pen “in your text.

The next trick is to have proper HTML tags. Now if your website is about fountain pens, and a keyword is fountain pen you should assign H1 tag to it. No one search engines analyze your webpages they will know what your webpages all about after looking at your H1 tag.

The same way you can use H2, H3 and H4 tags for your subheadings.

After you have optimized your webpages, it is time for some off-site optimization. Off-site optimization generally revolves around the caning relevant links from webpages. What do I mean by relevant links? If your website is about fountain pens, it is a good idea to gain back links from a forum or blog, which discusses the same thing. We also need to pay attention to the anchor text you are using for your links. The standard syntax in HTML for link is:


The place where you put your keyword is called the anchor text. This text will be made clickable by your browser. It is a good idea to include your keyword as your anchor text. However, do not just stick to one word or phrase for all the links. Search engines generally prefer when anchor texts are somewhat relevant but not identical. They can semantically mean the same thing but do not need to be duplicated.

How do you go about this process of linking? There are always ways in which you can accomplish this, you can sign up on forums and drop your links in your signature or even in your posts. However, do check the forum rules beforehand, some forums might not allow this. You can also host a blog on various web 2.0 websites. Alternatively, you can comment on third-party blogs, which are talking about the same topic.

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