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By: Mel Joelle

There are many new ways to increase your traffic rate and achieve the highest rank in a search engine's result list. To ensure your website looks like a professional site, designing your page will take you a long way. Using bold links and underlined phrases the buyer will use your site and browse through it and find the article or product they are looking for. Finding the right idea is all up to you, but ensuring your site is running as good as most competitive sites is all up to the tricks you use to reach high ranks in the results page in every search engine. From using image links to just making sure all the right keywords are there, starting an online business is all about the marketing and ads revolving around the business.

Online businesses depend on one thing and one thing only and that is publicity. Publicity helps the website by giving it popularity which will increase the number of buyers that cruise through the site and help produce a good income which will support the site and ensure the owner has more money to keep their site running and keeping the product or idea on demand on deck at all times. Using an image link is an easy way to start up your website but it is not often where somebody uses an image search to buy an item. People that cruise through the internet looking for products tend to avoid the image searches and just use the web search to find the first website to offer the product they are looking for and selling it for a reasonable price. Having the lowest and best prices in an online business is not everything and unless you have popularity through search engines, the harder it is going to be to have any customers or browsers find your site. The name of the site is a major attraction to most people because people would usually pick a site that has something to do with whatever product they are looking for and most people do not search for prices, all they care about is the publicity on the item and what other people has said about it. Feedback is important on the internet because it helps people understand what they are dealing with and what they would have to do to run a website that is accepted by shoppers.

The more confusing and complicated the site is the less people will want to surf through it. Having a clear and simple website that offers what it says it does is the only step to having a website, but keeping the website all depends on the main keywords typed in and how often people look up these words. The description of the site is also a major key to ensure the site does not shut down due to nobody finding it. Being popular on a search engine is as good as money because it ensures people will stop by your site and maybe buy something every once in a while.

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