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By: Calvin McCarthy

When generating traffic, you should use as many tactics as possible, even including press releases as one of the tactics. Press release is more commonly associated with new product launches or even contests that create buzz.
There are several press release services online that helps you to spread your press release news to various media sources. One of the biggest is PrWeb. However, this website does charge service fees to its clients, so newbies may want to consider before signing up with them, as fees can run up to $500. The more you pay, the more widely distributed will be your press release. You can have free services from them, but the distribution points are more limited. You get what you pay for. If you are willing to pay the maximum fees, you can your press release up on various radio stations, newspapers, online websites and even to publishers.
Distillation of thought
First off, take a good look at what it is that you want to let the world or at least interested parties know. Try to get to the essence of your topic, and distill your thoughts. Boil it down to a few critical words that say what the article is about. For example, the article may be about a new software product with specific features that you want to promote. In that case, the distilled results would be the product name, the names of the specific new features, and release and purchasing information. These in turn become keywords to include in the final article to be published online. Keywords, needless to say, are the key to writing a press release for SEO and traffic. By strategically inserting these critical words or phrases without sacrificing the natural feel of the article is the goal here.
Trends and tricksters
First start off with a curiosity inducing title, that will attract the attention of readers who scan through the titles of press articles. The title has to be true to the article content as well, else you will be confusing the reader. Interest the readers to read on to satisfy their curiosity.
With your online press release you still would love for some other news outlet to pick up your story, which would produce even larger effects. But the benefits of the incoming links on your website's SEO as well as the direct traffic boost will be felt immediately and without anybody else needing to take any other kind of action.
If you're looking for a new way to promote your website or your business consider using online press releases. They will increase your SEO, leading to a higher standing in the search engines. They will build up your presence and align your site with your niche and all of this can be accomplished without needing to rely on media relationships or favoritism.

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