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By: Mike Jonsone

Search engine optimization has become a very commonly used term. However not everybody understands what it means, and how important it actually is. Simply put search engine optimization, or SEO in short, refers to the process of optimizing a website so that when a search is made, it will be among the top results featured by the search engine. This may seem quite straightforward, but it is not that simple. In fact many people and business owners prefer to hire a professional SEO specialist so that the SEO is done truly optimally.In fact, in order to optimize a site, there are various methods that can be used. Every site will have its particular necessities and some methods may be more suitable than others.

The SEO specialist will have the necessary experience and knowledge to ascertain what types of techniques are most suited, and an SEO strategy will be devised. Such a strategy will incorporate a plan of action, along with an overview of the different techniques that will be utilized to optimize the site in question.For starters, the keywords that will be used in the site's content are of utmost importance. The SEO specialist will need to ascertain the keywords and phrases that are most likely used by people who would be interested in visiting the site, or buy something from it. Once a list of such keywords is formulated, the SEO specialist cannot simply use those words at random. The site's content needs to be written, by using these keywords as much as possible. But the content needs to be interesting as otherwise when one lands on the site he/she will not be impressed by the information provided. So a good balance needs to be struck between keyword-rich content, and informative content.Apart from the use of keywords and phrases, the SEO specialist will also make use of tags and backlinks. By backlinking content from the site in related forums and other websites, there will automatically be more traffic to the site. Backlinking is generally used in conjunction with article marketing. This is in fact another commonly used method by SEO specialists.

With article marketing, the content of the site is made more informative and interesting, and at the same time keywords will also be used within the article. Moreover, such articles are not only put up on the website, but then they are also posted on relevant forums, similar sites and networks, so as to link them with the site too.Another important method that is generally included in the internet marketing strategy that the SEO specialist will devise is online advertising. There are several types of promotional methods that can be used to make the site more popular and more SEO friendly.

Adverts on popular sites and on online directories are quite popular, however the use of email marketing and social media is becoming more and more trendy. This is because the use of social media has increased dramatically in the past few years, and it is still on the rise. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ones. The use of social media is becoming part and parcel of practically every internet marketing strategy. The SEO specialist will, for instance, set up a Facebook page for your business, and this will be just like a mini-site. Here posts, updates and news can be put up so as to keep clients up to date, and at the same time new clients will be attracted too.

Linking the firm's Facebook page with the firm's website is a commonly used SEO method as it not only helps to improve the exposure of the business online, but it will also offer the opportunity to include more and more keywords, even with the social networks. Moreover, when a search is made, chances are the results will not only come up from the content of the website, but also from posts that were made on Facebook and other networks.Nowadays, with the increase in mobile devices and smartphones, it has become more important to create mobile apps, and to make sure that the website is also designed for proper viewing on mobile devices. Most SEO companies are also offering web design services, as well as app related services in order to keep up with the current demands.When considering all of these techniques, and appreciating their importance for a firm's success, it becomes more evident that a professional SEO specialist needs to be hired. In such a way an effective internet marketing strategy can be devised and implemented.

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