Run Your Car With Water and Gas - Scam Or the Real Deal?

By: Matthew Loop, DC

Are you sick of making "Big Oil" and gas companies filthy rich? Wouldn't it be amazing if there were a way to double your gas mileage and save hundreds at the pump each month? I'm going to share something right now that is going to change your life for the better and allow you to save loads of gas! If alternative, environmental friendly fuel sources peak your interest, this is the crown jewel of them all at the moment. Running your car with water is absolutely NOT a scam, it is the real deal...

Most people do not believe that you can run your car on water, and that is because the gas companies have done an amazing job and preventing news organizations from receiving information on the topic. But HHO gas (Named because of H2O, 2 Hydrogen, 1 Oxygen) is real and the technology is already available today. In just a few hours and with absolutely no knowledge of auto mechanics, you can convert your car into a hybrid that runs on water.

1) How Can Water Run a Car?

In order for this feat to be possible, you must have a car battery produce electricity to electrolyze water so it can harness this powerful technology. Simply by following that, cars can extract gas, which is referred to as Brown's Gas. This specific type of gas can create large enough amounts of energy to easily and safely power your car. The absolute final product of this process is oxygen and water, a much cleaner by-product than traditional car wastes!

2) Why Should You Consider Running Your Vehicle with Water?

With high gas prices as they are, any money you can save is beneficial. But with water power in your car, you can triple your gas mileage allowing you to save thousands of dollars every year, all for the cost of only a few pieces of equipment. In addition, with global warming on the horizon, reducing your own car's carbon imprint is the first ste towards making the country and the world a better place for our children.

3) Where Do You Buy the Systems?

Many individuals make the choice to convert their cars themselves, as it is more cost-effective. Those that are not as technologically savvy can hire a mechanic to complete the project in a couple hours. Conversely, you also can purchase a hydrogen gas car kit from the local store but typically they are more costly. Making the decision to construct this water-hybrid car system yourself typically costs no more than $150, give or take twenty bucks. The added perk is that you can do it stress-free from your own house. The only thing that you will need are a few select parts and materials, all of which you can find at most hardware stores!

And these systems are incredibly versatile. Not only can you run your car on water, but you can run your trucks and your SUV's as well. And the more people that use these systems, the more likely that big oil will have a problem muting it, because the systems will be too well known and used by too many people. This will force them to consider ways to improve gas mileage and provide relief at the gas tank, or risk going out of business.

High gas prices are unlikely to be regulated any time soon. So if you are hoping for some form of relief, either at the gas tank or for the environment, you may want to consider turning your car into a car that runs on water. Creating a water car hybrid is the only way to truly change our dependence on foreign oil, and our footprint on the environment.

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