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There are certain people who have skin problems and are aware of it and yet they do not take any action to see that the same does not spiral out of hand. To the uninitiated, Rosacea is a type of skin condition, which will develop regardless of the type of skin a person possesses. There have been several incidents where this skin problem has been known to cause irritation on the delicate around the eye or in certain cases in the eyes too. Those who have formed eye infections of this type should follow a strict regimen of eyelid hygiene.

This should include washing the eyes with the prescribed medical or non-medical solutions and applying delicate warm compresses a number of times per day. In cases where the outbreak is mild, it has been found that avoiding traumatic and stressful situations help a lot. The National Rosacea Society has suggested that those who are facing this condition should maintain a log that will help to recognize and also to help decrease the trigger situations. Persons feel acute discomfort when they are affected with skin diseases in any part of the body and having a skin problem in an area like the eye, where the skin is extremely delicate, the discomfiture is even more.

There are some people who prefer to take oral antibiotics to treat this problem and these oral antibiotics also include tetracycline, minocycline and doxycycline. There are also some topical antibiotics like metronidazole that might be used and they help to reduce partial redness and swelling. It is a known fact that one might attain relief from Ocular Rosacea if they use oral antibiotics. However if there is no relief and one observes that the symptoms are continuing then isotretinoin might be prescribed. One should take the antibiotics under the guide of an experienced medical practitioner only since it has been observed that these antibiotics, at times, have caused undesirable side effects.

These side effects are more visible when the antibiotics are used over a long period of time. There are quite a number of physicians who change the antibiotics after a certain period of time and this is done to avoid such side effects. If one observes that the face has swollen up and that there is flushing of the face then it is advised to go in for treatment with clonidine. This too has its side effects like lowering of the users blood pressure and them experiencing sleepiness.

There is another alternative, monoxidine, that is popular too but is far less efficient than clonidine. It is vital that one tries to find out the reason behind the flushing. Suppose you are observing that the reddening occurs after you have consumed red wines or any other type of food that has high proportions of histamine, the course of treatment should be done using medicines like Claritin or zyrtec that are antihistamines. A visit to the dermatologist is the best options for people who are facing Rosacea treatment problems, for they are the best persons who can help you to get relief from this problem.

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