Rosacea: One of the Least Understood and Most Undertreated Problem Skin Disorders

By: Dr. Douglas H Joyce, DO

Roacea affects over 14 million Americans. Signs of a rosacea problem skin disorder include facial redness in the areas of the cheeks, nose, forehead and/or chin. Pustules and papules that are characteristic of acne breakouts may also be present. Rosacea occurs more often in fair skinned individuals. Although men can have rosacea, this problem skin disorder is three times more common in women. Also characteristic of rosacea are periods of remission and exacerbation of symptoms. Rosacea is generally an adult disorder. Many times, the first rosacea outbreak begins around the age of 30.
Adverse Psychological Consequences of Rosacea
Those who suffer from the rosacea skin disorder are very self conscious about their appearance and have a tendency to withdraw from society. They are known to avoid public places and fail to establish important personal and professional relationships. A staggering 78% of Americans are unfamiliar with rosacea; they do not know what it is, how it is treated and most ignore the signs and fail to treat this very treatable this skin condition.
Factors Contributing to Rosacea Symptoms
Heavy exercise, use of alcohol, heat, some cosmetics and skin care products, emotional stress, wind and exposure to the sun are the most common factors that may trigger rosacea symptoms. Because each patient, and his or her environment and lifestyle triggers are different, we recommend that each patient keep a journal of possible triggers that may cause a rosacea outbreak or flare-up. There is no cure for this skin disorder, but there are effective treatments available to rosacea sufferers.
Acne Versus Rosacea
Acne and Rosacea are not the same condition and should not be treated as such, in fact, treating rosacea with acne products is a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, many people believe that papules and pustules are usually signs of an acne problem and treat them and other symptoms with skincare products and cosmetics to conceal the condition.
The Key to Rosacea Treatment
To calm the inflammation caused by rosacea, you may choose to use rosacea skincare products that are specifically formulated for this type of problem skin. These specialized products will reduce redness while moisturizing and protecting your delicate skin. The first step in determining the best solution for your skincare problem is to have a thorough evaluation of your condition. Once you have been diagnosed by a qualified practitioner, you may be prescribed a medical grade rosacea skincare product to control your symptoms. The best treatment for this type of problem skin disorder can be provided by centers specializing in this area. Rosacea can be treated and is not a condition to take lightly. Once you have begun to properly treat your rosacea, a more confident you will appear.

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