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By: Jeff May

Your pressure going through the roof?
It's hardly been a few months that you had your roof cleaned, so why does it look so old, worn out and mouldy. Your roof cleaning expert suggests it's time to do a full roof restoration - and he can get it done for you cheaply. When you hear the estimate, your pressure hits the roof!
There's good news and bad news for home and property owners here. The bad news is: You need to fire your "expert" immediately. Now for the good news, don't let their "recommendations" fool you into believing you really need to pay for an expensive roof-restoration project. What you need to do is calm down knowing that a professional pressure cleaning company will save the day for you.
Help is here
When you hire novice or non-professionals to do a challenging job, like undertaking a roof cleaning project where grime and mould has been festering for a while, you are likely to get results that are less than satisfying. That's because their crews don't understand the nuances of dealing with stubbornly entrenched mould, grime and dirt.
To help you deal with the situation, you need professional advice from a company that understands that all surfaces are unique, and therefore attract and trap dirt and dust uniquely. Professional crews have vast amounts of experience helping property owners and operators deal with lime formations, dirt-crust buildup and mould on their properties. Instead of going in for a full roof-restoration, a professional company can help you with a high water pressure cleaning that will leave your roof looking pristine.
How it's done
There's no secret formula to getting your roof clean and shiny again - except in the cleaning formula used. Where many roof cleaning services use harsh chemicals and acid-based cleaning agents, a professional roof cleaning company will use bio-degradable cleansing agents that are sprayed all over your roof. This formula is eco friendly, and poses no danger to pets, plants and people.
Once the formula does its "thing", dirt and grime crust is easily dislodged with the help of specialized equipment and tools. Professionals working at these companies are trained in the use of equipment such as the "Whirl-Away" Rotary cleaner, which generates the appropriate amount of pressure to clean away buildup of mould and grime. The anti-mould properties of the cleaning formula also ensure that your roof is protected from mould for up to one year.
A winning proposition
In using professional tools and techniques to help you clean your roof, property owners not only receive a thorough cleaning, but the process uses much less water, and is done in much quicker - often in a third of the time - than if a hand-held lance were used instead of specialized pressure washing equipment.

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