Role of Endodontics, Mandrels and Disclosing Tablets in Dentistry

By: Mark Mulholland

Endodontics plays an important role in dentistry and is related with root canal treatment, the tooth pulp and surrounding tissue. Endodontics focuses on the insides of the tooth and strives to protect it, preserve the tooth, extending its life and keeping it healthy. Root canal treatment helps achieve this by healing the decayed tooth and results in a healthier tooth.

Procedures performed by endodontics specialists

Endodontists use technology and a variety of instruments and equipment to aid them in their treatment. Some of these are mandrels with accessories, disclosing tablets, ultrasound and digital imaging and operating microscopes. During the treatment process, the patient gets relief from pain.

They perform a number of procedures such as:

  • Draining the inside of the tooth

  • Internal tooth bleaching to remove stains caused by bacteria

  • Surgery

  • Treating root fractures

  • Rectifying problems in tooth anatomy

Usually, dentists are able to perform a root canal treatment, but when things go wrong, the endodontist is the specialist who can carry out the procedure without hitch.

Dental equipment and instruments used by endodontists

The instruments used in endodontics are delicate and designed with precision because of the convenience they offer in reaching difficult to reach areas of the mouth. Most instruments and dental hand pieces are used to explore, clean, shape and fill. The most common instruments used are hand files, paste fillers, reamers, rubber dams, sealers, cements and irrigation syringes. This is an invaluable instrument that helps clean out the debris lodged in the mouth during treatment. These can be disposable instruments with a needle attached, which is used to reach the canal.


Mandrels are precision instruments used by endodontists to work on the teeth at various angles without hurting the gums and inner mouth. Various attachments are used with the mandrel such as polishers to smooth the tooth, discs for polishing, cutting, contouring and finishing. It is a highly versatile instrument that gives dentists and endodontists the flexibility to reach inaccessible areas with full control and easy manoeuvrability. Mandrels are also durable and available in different sizes.

Dental disclosing tablets

These are used by dentists to highlight plaque build up on the teeth. These are usually chewable and contain a dye which reveals decay by staining the teeth. Plaque builds up on the teeth when they are not brushed properly. This damages the teeth gradually and it becomes necessary to have it cleaned professionally. Plaque can be the precursor to other health problems. To avoid allowing it to accumulate, disclosing tablets are useful. These are simple to use. After brushing the teeth well, chewing one dental disclosing tablet for about half a minute helps identify brushing and flossing shortcomings so that they can be corrected. This results in better oral hygiene letting you focus on cleaning the areas that need more brushing. Disclosing tablets can be used by people of all ages and helps maintain long term dental health and make a useful accessory in your dental health kit.

Focused on restoration and repair, endodontics heals and helps keep teeth healthy.

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