Role Of Geotechnical Instruments In Construction Projects Involving Soft And Unstable Soil

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Projects that involve reclamation of soft clay can run into several geotechnical problems. These may include stability of slope and the retaining structure, consolidation and settlement of soft clay and granular soil. To ensure that the project processes progress smoothly and do not run into problems at critical stages, it becomes important to monitor performances closely at various stages. Geotechnical instruments are commonly used for achieving high quality performance monitoring. Project team must make sure that they acquire the right instrument for the purpose from a reliable geotechnical instrument manufacturer.
Helps Monitor Ground Performance At Crucial Stages
Geotechnical instruments are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of major construction projects that involve building massive structures on seemingly unreliable and unpredictable soil. They are needed to measure ground behavior during various stages of construction including reclamation and soil improvement. Geotechnical instruments are also vital for monitoring of performance of the ground during processes such as loading and unloading.
While choosing the right geotechnical instruments and the best geotechnical instrument manufacturer is important to achieve credible results, it is equally important to select the right location for these instruments. Engineers go by specific thumb rules which help them identify the best locations for the instruments. The type of measurement to be carried out also place a role in choosing the location.
Using Instruments In Combination For Enhanced Results
Project engineers and soil experts suggest use of surface settlement plates in a grid pattern preferably in square design, to measure the total settlement of the ground. Grid pattern with large spacing is basic for soil improvement works on land covering a few hundred hectares. Depending on the variation of the soil profile, this spacing can be changed appropriately. The spacing must be suitably wider where variation of the subsurface layer is not very significant.
Engineers generally place other types of geotechnical instruments and strata monitoring instruments procured from a reputable and reliable strata monitoring instrument manufacturer on top of the settlement plates for more detailed analysis and measurement. Deep settlement gauges and piezometers are also used to create a cluster of instrument that can be spread throughout the area at certain intervals. In critical areas of construction and in those areas with the thickest layer of compressible soil, more such cluster of instruments must be placed according to geo-technology experts.
Role Of Other Instruments In Soil Stability Testing
The settlement and stress of the soil sub-layer can be accurately correlated and measures by installing advanced settlement gauges top of a sub-layer and using piezometers at the center of the sub-layer. Geotechnical instruments such as inclinometers are also used for closely monitoring the lateral movement of the ground soil, especially at the edge of the reclamation area. Slope stability analysis can be used to select the appropriate locations for installing these geotechnical instruments. They are generally installed at the trench of line of the slip circle marked on the site. In case of vertical walls, the inclinometers are placed on the inner side of the walls

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