Roger Federers Tennis Workouts

By: Jesse Regan

Many people are asking how Roger Federer keeps himself in shape enough to win every tennis title that comes his way. The effort must entail a lot of sacrifices and hard work. Actually practicing the game itself would not be enough. Just hitting balls with his racket all day long would not help in his over-all and balanced fitness even if it does improves his skill. A perfect fitness routine combined with the right nutrition would be advantageous.
His 61 frame could be at the peak of its health at his young age of twenty-seven. It is less likely to store fat with his lifestyle. Federer is not taking risks though as he undergoes the needed exercise and diet. He observes his own rule in taking enough rest to regenerate his energy. He usually sleeps for 10 hours at night, quite extended for others but just enough for the Wimbledon kings body.
Federer does not take vacations when it comes to workouts. With his trainer Pierre Paganini, he uses up more than 10 hours of fitness training every week during off-seasons or months with no major tournaments. A total workout time of 100 hours per season is not strange for the pair. Federer thinks of this as just a requirement to keep himself tournament-ready. Still, if he has enough time, he wishes to increase it.
As an ace tennis player, one of Federers major to concern in physical fitness is in increasing muscle strength. He lifts weights and dumb bells. That should explain for his high velocity one handed backhands and powerful serves. He also does the skipping ropes to develop his stamina and his feets quickness, a very important factor in dominating the tennis court. He also does lateral lunges with twist, which develops further his agility. Doing this with a barbell with or without weights, Federer develops his upper body muscles such as the torso.
Federer uses often the medicine ball in his workout routines. The tennis ace considers this as an important device that helps him improve his agility and upper body strength. To hone his hand and body coordination, he runs and sprints across the court while passing the medicine ball back and forth with Paganini, his constant companion and fitness instructor. He even shuffles his feet while lobbing and receiving the medicine ball so he can develop his footwork.
It is not all work and no food for Federer though. His exhaustive regimen would naturally demand him some nutrition. Dietary supplements are not his main sources for nutrition. He eats the proper food that is required and is complementing his fitness training. When he is on the road either for a tournament or for some endorsements, he tries to control his food intake. When he is at home with his wife and twins, he loosens a bit his appetites valve and treats his tired body with delights. You can have a thing or two to learn about workout tips from the great tennis guy.

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