Risks And Mistakes Of Online Video Advertisers

By: James Taste

On the Internet you have a collection of websites. Each website is usually unique and each website has specific content. With a specific content, a website will have a specific audience. A videogames website will have a videogame audience; a cooking website will have a cooking audience and so on.

The first thing advertisers will look for is actually an audience. You need an audience for your ads. That is how online video advertising works. But there is a catch. For an advertiser to advertise to an audience, that audience must be a large audience. If the audience is not big enough it is not worth advertising at all. This is where external monetization firms come in. These firms use online videos because they are not that expensive to produce yet they still carry the marketing message the advertisers want to deliver. If the online video ad fails, it is not a problem since it won't cost the advertiser huge financial losses.

Your video ad is located below - For an ad to be effective it must be instantly visible. If your video ad is below or even hard to find in a webpage then odds are no one will see it. And when an ad isn't viewed then it's a waste of advertising money.

Your video ad plays automatically - A lot of advertisers choose their video ad to play once a webpage is loaded. Sometimes the ad shows first before the webpage content. Although there is no official rule book for online video advertising please remember that users get annoyed by ads that play automatically. When a user is browsing the Internet they want to be in control. Once they encounter an ad that plays without their content they feel they are losing control. Not to mention it is a video ad complete with audio which means it will take a longer time to load.

Online video advertising is a new thing. And like any other new thing we must be careful. Typically we can learn from the past or learn from experience. But since online video ads just recently came to be, where do we learn from? This is the main reason why major players in the business world aren't fully sold on the idea yet. They feel it is still too risky. Technology after all can both be a blessing and a curse.

The first risk of video ads is that the terminology is new and different. An audience that is used to viewing TV ads will not be able to catch on quickly with an online ad. With a younger audience that grew up with the Internet you won't have any problems. The problem will be with the older audience. The second risk is bandwidth. Sure in certain areas households have access to fast Internet speeds but in some places also they have slow connection speeds. Because of this slow connection they will skip video ads just to conserve on bandwidth.

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