Risks And Hazards Of Self-Piercing

By: Lina Lambert

With the increasing popularity of body jewelry to more people, a portion of enthusiasts are dabbling on the risky business of self-piercing without any professional training or supervision.

These daring people, whose majority seems to be in the 15-24 age group, seems to thinking that body piercing is child's play and that anyone can do it. But in fact, there are tons of people who pay thousands of dollars and spend years training to become piercing professionals.

Self-piercing has always been condemned by many professional piercers. The normal professional body piercing process already has risks but when this procedure is done on one's self without training and expertise, those risks can increase a hundredfold.

Here are some reasons why you are better off going to a professional piercer than buying a self-piercing pack and doing it your self.

Professional piercing establishments are required by law to be regularly cleaned and sanitized. Self-piercing can happen anywhere with the risk of getting the equipment and body jewelry contaminated. The possibility of contracting infections is heightened when the procedure is done in a place that has not been properly prepared.

Body piercing is not as easy as many think. Professional piercers spend a lot of time and money to do the job right with minimum risks for customers. Doing a piercing yourself puts you in danger of uneven holes, development of scars or keloids, bleeding and infections. When the piercing is done in places near arteries and nerves, the possibility of injuring yourself and threatening your life is high.

Most of all, self-piercing is more painful than going to a professional. Trained piercers know what they are doing and do not hesitate. Also, piercing takes a lot less time when the person doing it is experienced.

Oral and tongue piercings when done incorrectly can cause speech impediments, chip teeth and even block airways due to swelling or bleeding. The mouth also already has thousands of bacteria that can cause infection.

Ear cartilage (which is one of the most popular areas that many people try to pierce themselves) can develop abscess when piercing is not done correctly. There are times that this build-up of pus cannot be treated by antibiotics alone and surgery is needed which can disfigure the ear. When not treated properly, abscess can lead to blood poisoning or toxic shock syndrome.

Very daring individuals that are thinking of piercing their genitals on their own should think twice. Failed self-piercing can impair sexual drive and make urination difficult and painful. When nerves and blood vessels of the penis are damage, it may not get an erection again.

Whether it is the thrill of the experience or just wanting to save a few bucks, self-piercing is never a good alternative to paying a professional piercer a visit. Because in the hands of a trained professional, you are guaranteed to have less risks and a more satisfying result than doing it yourself.

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