Ringing Sounds In The Ears

By: Aidan Ashcroft

Have you ever experienced a strange and unusual sensation of ringing or buzzing in your ears? If so, then you've probably searched for the source without success. Or, you may have been at a rock concert, or at an airport, or another location with loud noises and experienced these sensations there. If you have had this ringing in the ears more than once, without really knowing why, then you probably have what we call tinnitus. This article will outline the causes of this ringing in the ears and how it works.
The Inner Workings of the Inner Ear
How the ear actually works is the first step to understanding what causes ringing in the ears. Your ear is extremely intricate and complex, and has fine-tuned sensors capable of picking up sound. Sound waves from sources enter your ear and go to the inner ear. Inside this inner ear there is an organ that looks like a shell, called the cochlea; this shell is filled with tiny hair-like cells. When the wave enters the cochlea, it vibrates the hairs inside, which transmits neural signals to the brain. Hence, you have sound.
Understanding what causes ringing sounds in the ear
Ringing in the ears is most often caused by damage in one way or the other to these hair-like cells in the ear. Damage to the inner ear and its organs is most typically caused by music at an excessive volume. Older generations experienced this damage through heavy construction work, but the younger generation's damage tends to come from music playing devices that are too loud for ears to bear. Loud noises such as these can cause temporary ringing in the ears in anyone, but the more persistent, ongoing type of tinnitus is far more serious. The excessive volume of noise and music that leads to ringing in the ears will cause permanent damage to your hearing if you continue to be exposed to it.
Other possible causes include medical conditions. Sinus infections and ear infections can both cause ringing in the ears. This is because your senses are interconnected in a sensory network, and one illness - like a cold - will hit all of your senses at once. Many of you, for this reason, probably have had ringing in the ears while sick. The pressure caused by inflammation in your head due to sickness can damage the hair cells in your ear. Stress is also a major factor because it can wreak havoc with your body's sensory capabilities. If you have been stressed out, and have had ringing in the ears, then you know what this means for you.
Hearing a ringing sound in the ear is a serious problem if it happens frequently. It is important to visit a physician in order to get your inner ear checked if you are facing this situation.

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