Ringing Bells Of The Morning!

By: Rosana Horowitz

There are some people in the world who revere their morning routines. They seem to always wake up on the right side of the bed, full of boundless energy and enthusiasm. They start every new day with high optimistic expectations, thinking that the day would go exactly according to their plans. Now, these rare species of human beings are very few. Of course, every once in a while, you wake up feeling that everything in your life is exactly as it should be. You are at peace with the world, and the poignancy of the moment might make you teary eyed, but let us face it; it does not happen everyday (the tears might not be of joy after all - you have breakfast to prepare, get ready for work, chores to do, bills to pay, etc). Although the purpose of this article is not to get you down in the dumps and make you feel bad about your attitude towards life, it is human nature to procrastinate, grumble, drag the feet and put off the inevitable until the very last minute. Alas, I, as a concerned citizen, have decided to do something useful, and have outlined a morning ritual, which if followed, would benefit us all. Just follow my lead:
Sometimes, you wake up and feel that the life is perfectly going the way you want it to be. However, there are bad days as well when you have a hollow feeling instead. But all the days cannot be the same. In fact, all days cannot be your good days. This is how life is, and you have to cope with it indeed.
This article does not tend to make you feel bad about your sleeping habits, but it can lead you towards adopting possible proper sleeping habits. It is a part of human psyche to put the chores on tomorrow that can easily be done today. To feel depressed about all this fuss is not a positive attitude towards life. You need to correct one habit, and rest will be managed automatically.
The primary point to be considered is to have sufficient sleep of about 8 hours. Having a sound sleep of about 8 hours is a healthy habit. It will help you in conducting the whole day activities in an efficient way.
Another point is to set the alarm on your clock for 7:00 am sharp. However, the clock must be at some distance from your bedside. Otherwise, you will thump it silent on a single buzz. It is a common complaint by majority of the people that they failed to wake up because of their alarm clocks while in fact, they need to change their attitude towards their routines first, and the rest will go fine. They should be a bit determined so that they can fight themselves. It is better to keep your alarm clock away from your bedside so that you can hear it, without switching it off immediately.
Make a habit of promptly getting out of bed with the buzz of your clock. Although you may feel dizzy headed while standing up at first, but with the passage of time you will get used to it.
Train yourself to get out of bed and stand up straight upon hearing the alarm clock ring. You may feel a bit fuzzy headed at first, but once you are out of bed, even if it was just with the intention to shut off the alarm, you should decide against getting back under the covers.
It is advisable not to warm up your room, even in the winters. Moderately warm room helps you breathing cold air, which helps you waking early in the morning.

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