Rimless Reading Glasses Styles

By: Sanra Fontaine

You may have been put off by rimless reading glasses because they seem flimsy, but they are some of the most stylish and durable glasses you can wear. With no rims you do not have the outline around your line of vision as you do with standard pairs of glasses. They are also far less noticeable to other people, especially when they are far away. Style and functionality blend perfectly together in these types of glasses, and that is why they have become so popular.
Having glasses that can take a little bit of abuse is important, and though you might not think that glasses without rims can't take any, that is certainly not the case. With cheap reading glasses this can be difficult, but if you are willing to put a few more dollars towards your new pair then you should be able to buy one that will last you a good amount of time. Rimless reading glasses must be flexible and the arms must be securely fastened to the lenses.
It is not recommended that you invest in a pair that is not made of steel, unless it a high quality pair of reading glasses. Cheap reading glasses can never take any amount of abuse, but those that are rimless are specially susceptible to breaking. If the glasses have a flimsy bridge and arms they can break with as little as being dropped on the floor. Try to find a pair that is made of a slightly flexible alloy so they can take a little more abuse. Only invest in a pair with steel arms and bridge if you are certain that it can hold up over time.
Pairs of glasses that do not have rims are held together by the arms and the bridge, which are screwed into small areas on the front of the lenses. They are slightly noticeable with the glasses one if you look to the corners of your eyes but otherwise they are completely unencroaching and hardly noticeable at all.
Rimless reading glasses are a solid alternative to rimmed pairs of reading glasses, especially if you do not like having that outline follow you everywhere you go. They are also much lighter than those with rims as well so there is minimal discomfort.
These are great if you are looking for a stylish alternative to the classic style of reading glasses. A pair of rimless glasses is always the right choice, and you do not have to feel self-conscious about having to wear them to read because they are hardly noticeable at all to other people. The one downside is that low quality models can break easily, though they can also be repaired easily with a screwdriver and a tiny dab of super glue. If you are going for a new look, then there is no reason not to give rimless reading glasses a shot.

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Having trouble reading but don't want to wear normal reading glasses? A pair of rimless reading glasses is nearly invisible, and they are very fashionable.

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