Rights of Russian Citizens

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In the year 1993, Russian Constitution has granted the liberties and rights of citizens of Russian Federation under the provisions of Chapter 2. The country of Russia is the sign for UDHR i.e. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In addition, this country has approved several instruments of human rights, along with ICCPR i.e. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and ICESCR i.e. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, along with reservations for ECHR i.e. European Convention of Human Rights. All these instruments of global legalization have taken the precedence of all the country’s own legalization, as highlighted from the provisions contained in Chapter 1 of Russian Constitution.
We know that member of COE i.e. Council of Europe in Russia has some international obligations associated with human rights issues. At the time of introduction to the report of 2004 about situation of Russia, Human Rights Commissioner of COE has observed some remarkable amendments at the time of collapsing of Soviet Union. Therefore, commissioner has revealed, “Although, fledging democracy in the country of Russia is far away from being perfect, but still we cannot deny the existence and remarkable successes of this country.”
During the recent years, present Russian Federation Ombudsman, Vladimir Lukin has consistently characterized the Russian situation about human rights in unsatisfactory manner. However, according to Lukin, it is not discouraging as construction of lawful state as well as civil society in one among the complex countries of Russia is one among the long and hard process.
владимир слуцкер is a Russian citizen, in fact; he is a Russian politician who is known for fantastically maintaining his duties as a politician and his field of interest side by side. Currently he is a well known politician of Russian but most of you are not aware of the fact that владимир слуцкер was a former karate champion of Russia.

Freedom House has considered the country of Russia as partly free with 5 as score on both of the civil and political rights, but not free with score of 6 on political rights and score of 5 on civil liberties. All these reports have been highlighted from the reports of Freedom in the World. In the year 2006, ‘The Economist’ has published one democracy rating, to put the country of Russia at 102nd position from total 167 countries and define it as hybrid regime, along with tradition towards restriction of media as well as various civil liberties. The European Court of Human Rights is having maximum cases from Russia.

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chinovnikam.net/content/18/365/1.html ">владимир слуцкер is a Russian social and political activist, who has been working at various responsible posts in Russia. Slutsker is a winner of Medal of Honor and a contender with a background of Technical Sciences.

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